Series One

Correspondence, published, unpublished, and reproduced works by Henry George (sorted by date)


Henry George to Henry George Jr., n.d.
Henry George to Aunt Mary, April 1855 (copy)**
Henry George to John Swinton, November 14, 1879
Joseph Chamberlain to Henry George, January 5, 1880 (copy)**
Sir George Grey to Henry George, January 27, 1880 (copy)**
Henry George to Father Dawson, October 1, 1882 (copy)**
Henry George to Father Dawson, February 1 1883 (copy)**
Henry George to Wingate, August 3, 1889
Henry George to Henry George Jr., January 5, 1891
Henry George to Henry George Jr., January 21, 1891
Henry George to Henry George Jr., February 11, 1891
Thomas Shearman to Henry George, July 10, 1891
Henry George to Henry George Jr., August 26, 1891
Henry George to Henry George Jr., n.d. [circa 1891]
Henry George to John Russell Young, September 5, 1891
Henry George to Father Dawson, December 22, 1891 (copy)**
Henry George Jr to Henry George, February 1, 1892
Henry George to Miss Mendelson, June 3, 1892
Henry George to Father Dawson, December 23, 1892 (copy)**
Henry George to Father Dawson, December 30, 1892 (copy)**
Henry George to PJ O Ryan, November 11, 1893
Henry George to Young, February 4, 1894
Henry George to Magin Paig, March 11, 1895
Henry George to Un-named, August 6, 1895
Samuel Milliken to Henry George, 1896
Samuel Milliken to Henry George March 19, 1896
Henry George to Samuel Milliken, June 1896
C.B. Fillebrown to Henry George, June 3, 1896
A.H. Stephenson to Henry George, June 3, 1896
Wm Lloyd Garrison to Henry George, June 3, 1896
Henry George to Mr. Stephenson, June 4, 1896
Samuel Milliken to Henry George, June 5, 1896
Samuel Milliken to Henry George, July 1, 1896
C.B. Fillebrown to Henry George, July 2, 1896
Samuel Miliken to Henry George, July 4, 1896
S. Cohen to Henry George, August 17, 1896

Speeches, Published and Unpublished Works

[Many of the documents in this section are typed drafts of editorials and articles that appeared in Henry George’s newspaper, The Standard and elsewhere. Some contain handwritten notes and/or are signed.]


Reproduction of July 4-6, 1855 Journal Entries [original in Henry George Papers, Ms. Div., NYPL]
Quote from Henry George’s Fourth of July Oration, 1877 [copy]
“Bribery in Elections,” Overland Monthly, December 1871


“Rev. Nultys Back to the Land,” April 2 1881
“Overproduction,” December 1883


From Citizen of the World, “This little boat for my little girl,” July 19 1886


“Salutatory,” January 8 1887
“The Case of Dr. McGlynn,” January 8 1887
“Official Condescension,” January 8 1887
“Coal Strike,” January 22 1887
“The Strike,” February 5 1887
“The Fight in the Dark,” February 12 1887
“Land and Labor,” February 25 1887
“Will Mr. Black Please Call,” April 9 1887
“Untitled Article,” April 30 1887
“Untitled Article,” May 21, 1887
“Ego Et Deus Meus,” May 28 1887
“Bishop, Archbishop, and Priest,” June 18 1887
“The Packard Students and Henry George,” June 18 1887
“The Queen’s Jubilee,” June 25 1887
“Anti-Poverty,” July 2, 1887
“Immigration,” July 9 1887
“He Dies Young,” July 9, 1887
“Money,” July 9 1887
“Slavery Then and Now,” July 23 1887
“The New Party,” July 30 1887
“Socialism and the New Party,” August 6 1887
“Henry George’s Lecture on the Next Great Struggle,” August 12 1887
“Anti-Poverty,” August 13 1887
“Anti-Poverty,” August 20 1887
“Anti-Poverty,” August 27 1887
“Anti-Poverty,” September 10 1887
“The Natural Law that Governs Prices,” September 10 1887
“Taxing Land Values,” September 10 1887
“The Common Sense of Taxation,” September 17, 1887
“Anti-Poverty,” October 1 1887
“Anti-Poverty,” October 8 1887
“Francis G. Shaw,” October 15 1887
“Free Speech,” October 15 1887
“Campaign Notes,” October 22 1887
“Mr. George’s Address,” October 22, 1887
“Single Tax vs Socialism” October 29 1887
“White Slaves of New York,” November 12, 1887
“New York Election,” November 18, 1887
“The Chicago Tragedy,” November 19, 1887
“The Income Tax,” November 19, 1887
“Henry George’s Address,” November 19, 1887
“Political and Social,” December 3, 1887
“Party Action,” December 7, 1887
“Confiscation,” December 24, 1887
“Free Trade,” December 24, 1887
“Socialism and the Single Tax,” December 31, 1887
“Hints as to What You Can Do,” December 31, 1887
“Republican Government,” December 10, 1887
“Platform of the United Labor Party,” n.d. [1887]


“Some Considerations,” January 7, 1888
“Gaining Ground,” January 14, 1888
“Gaining Ground(2),” January 14, 1888
“Religious Schools,” January 21, 1888
“Free Land and Free Trade,” January 21, 1888
“Charity and Justice,” January 28, 1888
“Society, Party, and Principle,” February 25, 1888
“My Lord Scully,” March 17, 1888
“Free Trade,” March 31, 1888
“Our Opportunity,” April 14, 1888
“Politics that Mean Something,” April 28, 1888
“Money,” May 5, 1888
“Immigration,” May 12, 1888
George on the Vice Chancellor Bird Decision, May 19, 1888
George on the Vice Chancellor Bird Decision, May 26, 1888
George on the Vice Chancellor Bird Decision, June 2, 1888
“To Workingmen,” June 1888
“Copyright Law,” June 23, 1888
“Fourth of July,” July 7, 1888
“Prison Labor,” July 21, 1888
“The Moral Side of the Single Tax,” July 28, 1888
“Immigration,” August 18, 1888
“Untitled”, September 8, 1888
“Henry George’s Remarks,” September 29, 1888
“Why I am a Free Trader,” October 27, 1888
“Henry George in London and Liverpool,” December 1888
“Henry George’s Reply,” December 22, 1888
“Progress,” December 22, 1888
“Protection,” December 29, 1888


“No Taxes on Labor,” January 1, 1890
“Mr. George’s Reply to Mr. Atkinson,” July 1890
“The Single Tax Platform Adopted September 3, 1890”


“Henry George Wants Industrial Freedom,” April 8, 1891
“The Single Tax and English Parks,” May 20, 1891
“The Single Tax Man of 1848,” August 5, 1891
“William T. Croasdale,” August 19, 1891
“Reciprocity,” September 12, 1891
“One Tax that Cannot be Shifted,” November 1891
“Incidence of the Single Tax,” November 28, 1891
“About Competition,” December 5, 1891
“Direct Federal Taxation,” December 30, 1891


“Protection or Free Trade” as read in the House of Representatives March-April 1892


“What the Railroad Will Bring Us,” November 15, 1893
“Misrepresentation” [1893]


“Henry George on the Causes of Business Depressions,” March 6, 1894
“Henry George Before the Society of Ethical Culture,” May 10 and 17, 1894
“A Great Meeting,” May 31, 1894
“The Right to Work,” June 14, 1894
“Henry George Speaks,” July 26, 1894
“Henry George on the Government Control of Railroads,” September 13, 1894
“On the Attitude of Herbert Spencer,” October 18, 1894
“George vs Spencer,” November 6, 1894
“Remarkable Prophecy,” November 15, 1894
“George’s Speech at Cooper Union,” November 22, 1894
“Reply to Spencer,” December 6, 1894
“The Single Tax What it is and Why We Urge It,” December 27, 1894
“Land,” December 27, 1894
“Misrepresentation,” Single Tax Courier [1894]


“Henry George’s Lectures for the Manhattan Single Tax Club,” January 3, 1895
George’s Hot Talk,” Single Tax Courier, February 16, 1895
“Taxes on Land Values Only,” April 13, 1895
Henry George Addresses a Fine Audience,” Single Tax Courier, March 30 1895
“George on Jefferson,”May 18, 1895
Copy of Phebe by Elizabeth (Bacon) Walling with handwritten inscription, letter and a photograph of Anna Angela George to Ms. Walling from Henry George, 1895


Henry George’s Letters from the Republican Convention,” June 24, 1896
“Beneath the Silver Question,” August 1, 1896
“Henry George’s Letters from Chicago,” September 30, 1896
“Why Mr. George Voted for Mr. Bryan,” November 18, 1896
“The Single Tax Versus Socialism: Verbatim Report of the Debate between Henry George and H.M. Hyndman, July 2, 1889. With an Introduction by H.M. Hyndman.” [Reprinted, 1896]


“Henry George on Trusts,” March 10, 1897
“The Civilization that is Possible,” March 27, 1897
“Letter from Henry George about New Book [The Science of Political Economy],” July 28, 1897
“Peace,” August 24, 1898
“Acceptance Speech,” October 13, 1897
George’s Speech,” National Single Taxer, December 13, 1897
George’s St. Louis Speech,” National Single Taxer, December 13, 1897
“Kingdom of God” [From The Science of Political Economy, 1897]
“What the United Labor Party Wants,” [1897]
“Campaign Songs,” [1897]


“The Law of Wages,” The Single Tax Courier, August 3, 1898

1900s-beyond [reprints]

Anna George De Mille’s Copy of “Moses” [reprinted in 1908 by the LVPD]
“True Free Trade” [reprinted in 1913 by the Joseph Fels Foundation]
“The First Great Reform” [reprinted in 1917 in The Everyman]
“Give Man Security That He May Reap and He Will Sow” [reprinted Apr 15, 1919 in The Great Adventure League]
“The First Great Freedom” [reprinted in 1925 by the RSF]
“Is our Civilization Just to Working Men?” [reprinted in 1929 for the Fourth International Conference for Land Value Taxation and Free Trade]
Will Atkinson, “An Outline of Henry George’s Protection or Free Trade with Verbatim Quotations” [All America Reciprocity Union: 1929]
“Causes of Business Depression” [reprinted in Aug 1930 by the RSF]
“To Destroy the Rum Power” [reprinted Nov. 28, 1933 by Spencer Heath and Charles Gambrill Baldwin]
“Causes of Business Depression” [reprinted in 1936 by the RSF]
“Progress and Poverty Condensed with a Forward by Miriam Allen de Ford,” 1944
Quote by Henry George on Capital [reprinted on Sept 4, 1954 in The Labor Herald]
“Moses” with a Forward by Cecil B. De Mille [reprinted in 1956 by the RSF]
“Progress and Poverty Condensed With a Foreward by James Busey” [reprinted in 1957 by the RSF]
G.M. Fowlds, An Interesting Correspondence. Sir George Gray and Henry George, 1967
“Progress and Poverty Condensed” by James L. Busey, 1968
“A Synopsis of Progress and Poverty Extracted” by Alfred J. Katzenberger, Jr., June 1992
“The Poor Ye Have Always With You,” 2000 [reprinted in Fragments]

Undated (sorted alphabetically)

“About Competition”
“An Exposition of the Economic Teachings of Henry George…”
“An Ode to Liberty” [reprinted by HGSS]
“An Outline of Henry George’s Progress and Poverty by Will Atkinson, [reprinted by the APCWV]
Anna George De Mille’s Copy of “Scotland and Scotsmen” [reprinted by the LVPD]
Anna George De Mille’s Copy of “Thy Kingdom Come” [reprinted by the LVPD]
“Bishop Nulty on the Land Question”
“Bribery in Elections” [reprint]
“Causes of Business Depressions” [reprinted by the RSF]
“The Crime of Poverty” [reprinted by the RSF]
“Concerning the Name ‘Single Tax'” [reprinted by the HGSS]
“Conclusion” in Protection or Free Trade
“Henry George’s Land Question,” Abridged by Will Atkinson [reprinted by the APCWV]
Henry George on Woman Suffrage” [reprinted by Mrs. Joseph Fels]
“Henry George Reveals the Wide Scope of Single Tax Philosophy” [reprint]
“How Modern Civilisation May Decline” [reprinted by the UCLVT]
“The Farmer and the Single Tax” [reprinted by the Great Adventure League]
“The Futility of Labor Strikes” [reprinted by the RSF]
“The Future to the Gangster Unless,” [reprinted by the Henry George Foundation]
“Justice the Object – Taxation the Means,” [reprinted by the UCLVT]
“Justice the Object – Taxation the Means,” [reprinted by the RSF]
“Land and People” [reprinted by the LVPD]
“The Land for the People” [reprinted by the RSF]
“The Labour Question,” Presented to the HGSS by Louis F. Post, 1934 [reprinted by the UCLVT]
“Liberty” [reprint]
“The Master of Motive of Human Action…Dedicated to George Lamb” [reprinted by the UCLVT]
“Moses” [reprinted by the Anti Poverty Club of West Virginia]
“Moses” with a foreword by Cecil B. DeMille
“Natural Laws” [reprinted from The Science of Political Economy, 1897]
“A New Digest of Henry George’s Progress and Poverty” [reprinted in The World’s Great Books]
“Ode to Liberty” [reprinted by the HGSS]
“Protection or Free Trade. Conclusion” [reprint]
“Scotland and Scotsmen” [reprinted by the RSF]
“Single Tax in a Nutshell” [reprinted by the Single Tax Party]
“The Single Tax and Why We Urge It” [reprinted by the RSF]
“Socialism” [reprinted from The Science of the Political Economy, 1897]
“The Study of Political Economy: A Lecture …” [reprinted by the RSF]
“The Study of Political Economy” [reprinted by HGSS-London]
“Thou Shalt Not Steal” [reprinted by the UCLVT]
“Tributes at the Funeral of Henry George”
“Why the Landowner Cannot Shift the Tax on Land Values” [reprinted by the RSF]
“World Almanac Gives Concise Statement Concerning Single Tax”

Poems and Tributes to Henry George (sorted by date)

W.H. Dawson, “To Henry George,” June 1887
E.R. Taylor, “Verses Read at the Dinner Given Henry George,” February 5, 1890 (handwritten copy)
E.R. Taylor, “Verses Read at the Dinner Given Henry George,” February 5, 1890 (typed copy)
E.R. Taylor to Mrs. Henry George attached to the above copy of “Versus”, February 6, 1890
Marion M. Miller, “The Man Sent of God,” April 7, 1899
W.H. Venable, “To Henry George,” [1910?]
Robert L. Hubbard, “To the Memory of Henry George,” August 23, 1923

 ** Original in the Henry George Papers of the New York Public Library.

Abbreviations Used

LVPD – Land Values Publication Department
RSF – Robert Schalkenbach Foundation
HGSS – Henry George School of Social Science
UCLVT – United Committee for Land Value Taxation
APCWV – Anti-Poverty Club of West Virginia

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