Historical Collections

The Henry George and Anna George De Mille Family Collection

The Henry George School of Social Science Collection

The Henry George Birthplace Periodical Collection

The Henry George and Progress and Poverty Anniversary Celebrations Collection

The Henry George Birthplace Portrait, Textile, and Artifact Collection

The Henry George Birthplace Rehabilitation and Restoration Projects

The Father Edward McGlynn and Dr. McGlynn Monument Association Collection

The New York State, Manhattan, and Brooklyn Single Tax Leagues, 1886-1940

The Massachusetts Single Tax League, 1890-1919

The National Single Tax League and Party, 1890-1934

The New York Tax Reform Association, 1891-1924

Material Related to the ‘Single Tax’ Colonies, 1895-1999

The Correspondence and Publications of Joseph Dana Miller, 1897-1939

The United Committee for the Taxation of Land Values, 1906-1977

The Joseph Fels Fund Commission, 1909-1916

Charles Le Baron Goeller and the Henry George Tract Society, 1922-1954

The Commonwealth Land Party and Related Branches, 1918-1938

The Freeman and Related Documents, 1920-1943

The Henry George Foundation of America, 1926-2001

The International Union for Land Value Taxation and Free Trade, 1926-1991

The American Association for Scientific Taxation, 1927-1952

The Writings of Professor Harry Gunnison Brown, 1924-1966

The Graded Tax League of Pennsylvania and Related Associations, 1925-1988

Public Revenue Education Council, 1952-1985

John C. Lincoln, the Lincoln Foundation, and the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, 1943-2004

The Intermountain Single Tax Association, 1954-1996

The American Institute for Economic Research, 1954-2000

The Robert Clancy and Henry George Institute Collection, 1971-2010

Australian Single Tax and Henry George Organizations, 1925-1992

The New Zealand Land Values League and Related Material, 1896-1992