Writings of Loring D. Beckwith, 1930-1949

Collection Overview

Title: Writings of Loring D. Beckwith

Predominant Dates: 1930-1949, mostly undated material

Arrangement: Arranged in one series by publication date.

Biographical Note

Loring Dumas Beckwith was born in Burlington, Colorado in 1872. He attended the University of Denver from 1897 to 1902. Beckwith founded and edited several newspapers in Colorado and New Mexico before moving to California in 1913. He owned the Santa Margarita Index and Our California Home, and later founded the Stockton Forum, which Beckwith used to promote the philosophy of Henry George.

Beckwith was involved in the Atascadero Colony founded in 1913 by Edward Gardner Lewis. Lewis, a magazine publisher, intended to build a utopian community at Atascadero for the American Woman’s Republic, an organization dedicated to educating women in government in preparation for obtaining the right to vote. Beckwith served as editor of the colony newspaper, the Atascadero News.

Beckwith was a close friend of Oscar Geiger who he advised in the founding of the Henry George School of Social Science. His professional and personal papers are housed at the Bancroft Library at the University of California, Berkeley.

Collection Content

The Stockton Catechism in Fundamental Economics. (Stockton: The Forum, 1930)

Municipal Manna. A Georgist Father’s Soliloquy Upon the Death of His Son. 2nd Rev. Ed. (Stockton: 1931)

The Physiology of The Body Politic. A Complete Education in Economics in Sixteen Pages. (1932)

“Businessmen Must Choose and Choose Quickly.” The 72nd regular weekly broadcast. Station KWG (Stockton: April 25, 1937)

“Is Economics a Science?” (1939)

“Nature’s Own Plan for Man’s Social Security” (September 1939)

Caution! (1946)

The Secret of Social Security and World Peace (1946)

The Economic Millennium. How by Observing the Natural Laws of the Social Field We Can Have a Heaven Here on Earth. (United States: 1949)

“Your Money is Yours Why Not Collect It?” (Stockton: The Forum, 1949)


“The Answer to Your Question” (Stockton: The Forum)

Booklet of Beckwith’s Pamphlets and Articles (Stockton: The Forum)

“The Financial Statement of L.D. Beckwith to the Finance Committee of the U.S. Senate.” (Stockton: The Forum)

“How to End Crooked Politics.” The 85th regular weekly broadcast. Station KWG (Stockton)

“How to End War Forever.” The 88th regular weekly broadcast. Station KWG (Stockton)

“The Real Chiselers.” (Stockton: The Forum)

“Proving Economics a Science.” The 83rd regular weekly broadcast. Station KWG (Stockton)

The Scientific Bill of Rights. (Stockton: Scientific Economics, Inc.)

“Solution for Labor Problem.” The 84th regular weekly broadcast. Station KWG (Stockton)

“The Solution of the Race Problem.” The 87th regular weekly broadcast. Station KWG (Stockton)

“Who and What is Behind Beckwith?” (Stockton: The Forum)

“Whose Business is Your Business, Anyway” (Stockton: The Forum)

“Why Pay Your Bills Twice?” (reprinted from The Stockton Forum and No Taxes)

Why? Why Law and Order is the Laboratory and Constant Wrangling and So Many Wars in the Social Field?  (The Hollis C. Joy Edition)

“Your Life is Your Own” (Stockton)