The Robert Clancy and Henry George Institute Collection, 1971-2010

Collection Overview

Title: The Robert Clancy and Henry George Institute Collection, 1971-2010

Prominent Dates: 1977-1989

Arrangement: Arranged in two series: 1) The Writings and Correspondence of Robert Clancy; and, 2) HGI Periodicals, Newsletters, and Other Publications

Biographical Note

Robert Clancy (1914-1995) and a small group of Georgists established the Henry George Institute (HGI) in September 1970. The HGI was incorporated in the State of New York as a not-for-profit organization on February 23, 1971. The Statement of Purpose, in part, reads,

In accordance with the philosophy of Henry George, the Henry George Institute holds that all persons have a right to the use of the earth and that all have a right to the fruits of their labor. To implement these rights it is proposed that the rent of land be taken by the community as public revenue, and that all taxes on labor and the fruits of labor be abolished. …The Institute pledges itself to bring this philosophy to the attention of the public by all suitable means.

The HGI is sustained by membership, which is open to anyone who pays the annual dues (currently $20) and agrees to the Statement of Purpose. The HGI is governed by a 12-member rotating Board of Directors, four of whom are elected by the membership to three-year terms.

Founder Robert Clancy served as President of the HGI from its inception until his death in 1995. Previously, Clancy was the Director of the Henry George School of Social Science from 1946 to 1968. During his lifetime, Clancy also headed the International Union for Land Value Taxation and Free Trade and the Council of Georgist Organizations.

Since its founding, the HGI has offered a three-part distance learning course in the Principles of Political Economy, which includes Understanding Economics, Applied Economics: Globalization and Trade, and Economic Science. The National College Credit Recommendation Service has evaluated and recommended all three courses for college credit. In addition to its correspondence courses, the HGI publishes a quarterly journal and holds annual meetings featuring guest speakers.

In 1997, Lindy Davies of the Henry George School of Social Science became Director of the Henry George Institute.

Collection Content

Series One: The Correspondence and Writings of HGI President Robert Clancy, 1970-2003

Series Two: HGI Periodicals, Newsletters, and Other Publications

HGI Journal

September 1971
January 1972
June 1972
October 1972
July 1973

Georgist Journal

T.A. Ende to Editor, Georgist Journal (August 27, 1984)
T.A. Ende to Editor, Georgist Journal (April 21, 1987)
Spring 1984
Autumn 1985
Winter 1993-1994
Fall 2001
Fall 2002
Spring 2003
Fall 2003
Winter 2004
Fall 2006
Winter 2007

Other Publications

Frank Chodorov, “Henry George Institute” (June 16, 1942)
George Tideman, “Attention Please” [circa 1976]
Woodrow W. Williams, “The Ohio Farmer” (September 6, 1980)
Everett W. Gross, “An Alternative Outlook,” repr. (1982-1983)
Land: The Neglected Factor (1986)
C. Lowell Harriss, “Guidance from a Classic”(1986)
HGI Brochure (2010)