The International Union for Land Value Taxation and Free Trade, 1926-1991

Collection Overview

Title: The International Union for Land Value Taxation and Free Trade, 1926-1991

Predominant Dates: 1929-1989

Arrangement: Arranged in three series: 1) IU Officer Correspondence and other Written Material; 2) IU Constitutions, Meeting Minutes, and other Publications, and; 3) IU Conference Papers

Biographical Note

The International Union for Land Value Taxation and Free Trade (IU) is membership-based organization that was formed in July 1926 by representatives from 26 countries at an international conference to promote land value taxation and free trade. Headquartered in London, the purpose of the IU is “to promote sustainable prosperity for all via public finance policy reform.” Furthermore, according to the IU website, the IU

seek[s] to address wealth inequality and harmonize individual freedom with rights to the commons by reducing taxes on labour and production while collecting the unearned income – the “economic rent” – of land, natural resources and other nature and community created values. Economic rent is a sufficient source of public finance to fund infrastructure, education and other needed public goods.

Since its founding, the IU has held over 25 international conferences in a wide variety of locations including Denmark, Scotland, the US, Spain, Germany, and England. In more recent years, the IU has co-hosted these conferences with other organizations dedicated to the promulgation of Henry George’s theories such as the Council of Georgist Organizations (CGO).

In 1973, the IU and the Henry George Institute began publishing a quarterly magazine, The Georgist Journal. In 1993, the United Nations recognized the IU as a non-governmental organization (NGO). Currently, the IU publishes a quarterly newsletter, The View.

Collection Content

Series One: IU Officer Correspondence and Other Written Material

Series Two: IU Constitutions, Meeting Minutes, and other Publications

Series Three: IU Conference Papers