Howard W. L’Hommedieu and the Public Press, 1963-1985

Collection Overview 

Title: Howard W. L’Hommedieu and the Public Press, 1963-1985

Predominant Dates: Mostly undated material

Arrangement: Arranged in two series: 1) Letters and Writings of Howard W. L’Hommedieu; and, 2) Public Press Newsletters 

Biographical Note

Howard W. L’Hommedieu (1901-1987) was an engineer and author. He worked for the United Conveyer Belt Corporation of Chicago and taught Fundamental Economics at the Chicago campus of the Henry George School of Social Science. In 1963, L’Hommedieu wrote and published One-Sentence Economics and World Leprosy. The core of the book is a 22-page sentence of economic principles.

Sometime in the 1960s, L’Hommedieu started the Public Press, through which he published newsletters and other works that promoted “full ground rent, without exception, for ethical revenue” among other things.

Collection Content

Series One: Letters and Writings of Howard W. L’Hommedieu

Howard W. L’Hommedieu, “An Open Letter to President John F. Kennedy” (March 23, 1963)
Howard W. L’Hommedieu, “An Open Letter to President Lyndon B. Johnson” (May 26, 1964)
Howard W. L’Hommedieu to Hon. W. Willard Wirtz (September 3, 1965)
Howard W. L’Hommedieu to Walter W. Heller (May 25, 1963)
Howard W. L’Hommedieu to Senator Charles McC. Mathias Jr. (July 4, 1972)
Howard W. L’Hommedieu to Fellow Georgists (April 8, 1983)
Howard W. L’Hommedieu to Fellow Georgists (October 4, 1983)
Howard W. L’Hommedieu, “Dear Friends” (October 4, 1983)
Howard W. L’Hommedieu to Honorable Walter F. Mondale, (August 22, 1984)
Mark to Howard W. L’Hommedieu (November 26, 1984)
Howard W. L’Hommedieu to Lois Marie Gibbs (March 6, 1985)
Howard W. L’Hommedieu to Ralph Nader (April 30, 1985)

Howard W. L’Hommedieu, “Swing Wide the Gates”

Howard W. L’Hommedieu, “One-Sentence Economics and World Leprosy: Model for the American Renaissance.” (Public Press, 1963)

Series Two: Undated Public Press Newsletters

“Acceptable Guidelines, Through Popular Control”
“Alternatives: The Science of Political Economy or World Hunger and Thuggery”
“Basis for Suit against the Government”
“The Best of All Possible Worlds”
“Bread and Circuses”
“Can Capitalism Survive? TIME, July 14, 1975”
“Chicago Planning Commission: ‘Make no small plans'”
“Citizens’ Guide: The National Debate…”
“Cracks in the Constitution – Ferdinand Lundberg”
“Criminal Neglect: A Proposal for Absolute Honesty…”
“Cry of the People—Penny Lernoux”
“The Energy Rip-Off. Cause and Cure – Gus Hall”
“Comments on President Johnson’s Annual Economic Report, January 20, 1964”
“The Deadly Feast of Life – Donald E. Carr”
“Declaration of Independence from Land Monopoly”
“Energy: The New Era – S. David Freeman”
“Entropy: A New World View – Jeremy Rifkin, with Ted Howard”
“Ethical Full Ground Rent Assessment – Keystone of Justice and Survival”
“Excerpts from The Law by Frederic Bastiat (1850)”
“Fortieth Anniversary of V-E Day…”
“Freeing Our Caste Society”
“Dossier: The Secret Files They Keep on You – Aryeh Neier”
“Free Market—Free People”
“Full Employment – The Natural Order of Things”
“Full Ground Rent Assessment”
“G. Benellow and D. Roussopoulos, eds., The Case for Participatory Democracy”
“Gordon Thomas, Mr. Issels and his Revolutionary Cancer Treatment”
“The Great Panic”
“Henry George, Citizen of the World”
“The Henry George Revolution”
“A Higher Form of Killing – Robert Harris and Jeremy Paxman”
“A Holistic Approach”
“Implementing Justice and Freedom”
“James Hepburn, Farmbill America”
“Jessica Mitford, Kind & Usual Punishment: The Prison Business”
“John A. Loraine, The Death of Tomorrow”
“Justice and Freedom: Ramifications of Ground Rent Assessment”
“Kirkpatrick Sale, Human Scale”
“Law Against the People, ed. Robert Lefcourt”
“Made in America”
“Medical Butchers and Robbers” (August 19, 1971)
“Missile Envy – Dr. Helen Caldicott”
“New Age Politics – Mark Satin”
“Nor Any Drop to Drink – William Ashworth”
“North American Vegetarian Society, “Facts of Vegetarianism”
“Obscenities of Our Pornographic Government…”
“One-Sentence Economics and World Leprosy”
“Participatory Democracy’s Program of Basic Humanity”
“Paul Dickson, Products of Lobotomies”
“Peace, Civil Rights, Ecology or Economics”
“The People’s Almanac #3: Who’s in Charge?”
“Proper Nutrition, Right Living and Fasting…”
“R. Buckminster Fuller, Grunch of Giants”
“Reagan’s America and An Ethical Tax System – A Great Social Reform”
“Resolution: To Implement the comatose “Full Employment Act of 1946””
“A Review of Barry Weisberg, Beyond Repair: The Ecology of Capitalism”
“R.F. Pettigrew, Imperial Washington (1922)”
“The Right Means to the Right Ends”
“R. Howe, Weapons: The International Game of Arts, Money and Diplomacy”
“Ruth Adams, Say No!”
“Requirements for a Livable World”
“Return to the Life Cycle”
“Small is Beautiful”
“The Social Contract – Jean Jacques Rousseau (updated)”
“Social Statistics – Herbert Spencer”
“Suggested Boycotts to Avoid Physical and Spiritual Extinction”
“Surplus Jobs, Zero Inflation, and End to Monopoly…”
“The Twenty-Ninth Day – Lester R. Brown”
“Uncloaking the CIA – Edited by Howard Frazier”