Series Five

Articles, Speeches, and Other Published Material Produced or Reproduced by the HGSSS (sorted by date)


“The Most Prophetic Letter: Lord Macaulay to Henry S. Randall” (1857)
Henry George, “La Condition Des Ouvriers,” undated reprint [orig. 1891]
Karl Marx on Henry George, The People of [indecipherable] (Jun 5, 1892)
Louis F. Post, “The Australian System,” The Single Tax Library (Jan 25, 1888)


“Sun Yat-Sen’s Program for a Free and Prosperous China,” The Public (Apr 12, 1912)


Louis Wallis, “Our Lop-Sided Taxation,” Financial World (Mar 30, 1938)
Multiple press clippings on the Henry George School building purchase (1938)


Louis Wallis, “One Solution to the Problem of Idle Money,” Financial World (Apr 10, 1940)
Alfred Jay Nock, “In Defense of the Individual,” The Atlantic Monthly (Jun, 1940)
Joseph H. Fichter, “The Revival of Georgism,” Catholic World (1941)
Hon Robert Crosser, “The Way to Peace and Justice,” Congressional Record (Jun 19, 1942)
P.J. O’Regan, “A Catholic Layman Looks at George,” The Catholic World, (Dec 1942)
Dr. Harry D. Gideonese, et. al., “Invitation to Learning,” Land and Freedom (Apr-May 1943)
Allan J. Wilson, “Henry George: Apostle of Freedom,” Cleveland Plain Dealer (Oct 24-26, 1947)
Multiple clippings about the International Union for Land Value Taxation and Free Trade from 1949



Letters to the Editor reprinted from the Plainfield Courier-News, (Nov 1950)
Clippings from the Christian Science Monitor, (Feb-Jul 1950)


Arthur Otis, “What Gives Value to Land,” Machinists Monthly Journal (Jan 1952)
Two Articles reprinted from the American City, (May-Jun 1952)
“Land…” House & Home (Jun 1952)
“Wall Street,” Forbes (Aug 1, 1952)
Viggo Starcke, “Henry George’s Ideas in World Politics,” Henry George News (Sept 1952)
“Henry George, Anti-Socialist,” Dayton Daily News (Sept 6, 1952)
B.B. Rowe, “A Free Private School for Adults,” New York Herald-Tribune (Oct 5, 1952)


Bill Davidson, “How Collier’s Grabbed 20 Acres of Valuable Public Land,” Collier’s (Apr11, 1953)
Eric F. Goldman, “Books that Changed America,” The Saturday Review (Jul 4, 1953)
Harvey Ford, “Single Tax Doctrine of Henry George Still Supported,” Toledo Blade, Aug 23, 1953
“Some of Your Questions Answered,” Land and Liberty (Nov 1953)


Robert Clancy, “The First Seventy-Five Years,” The Henry George News (Jan 1954)
“One Man Crusade Against the Cause of Communism,” Dayton Daily News (Mar 4, 1954)
Walter Locke, “Trend of the Times,” Dayton Daily News (Mar 4, 1954)
Gerald Kloss, “Henry George Lives On!” (1954)
Press Clippings on the Tenth Annual HGSS Conference in San Francisco, Jul 8-10, 1954
“Single Tax Town Prospers on Gulf,” New York Times (Aug 8, 1954)


“Real Estate Not for Sale,” The Search (Jan 1965)
“Spruance Urges Filipino Reformers,” New York Times (Apr 2, 1955)
Glenn E. Hoover, “New Programs for Old Slums,” The American City (May 1955)
Press Clippings from the Eleventh Annual Conference in Berea, Ohio (Jul 13-15, 1955)
James Ratliff, “Incentive Taxation Program is Suggested,” The Cincinnati Enquirer (Jul 24, 1955)


“The Single Tax,” The Encyclopedia Americana (1957)
Press Clippings on the Henry George Birthplace (1957)
Allan J. Wilson, “Henry George’s Beliefs Held Applicable Today,” St. Petersburg Times (Oct 20, 1957)


Press clippings from the 14th Annual Conference of the HGSSS in San Diego (Jul 1958)
“Small Farmers and City Folk Hit Hard by Speculative Land Booms,” Labor (Dec 27, 1958)


Albert H. Jenkins, “Your Washington Reporter,” Railroad Telegrapher (Jan 1959)
Dale Taft, “Tax the Slums, Not Good Housing,” St. Louis Post-Dispatch (Sept 17, 1959)
Boyce Richardson, “Montreal’s Newest Headache” The Montreal Star (Oct 8, 1959)
“Why Not Look at the Land Tax?” The Boulder Daily Camera (Dec 1, 1959)
Multiple press clippings from Toronto (Dec 12, 1959)



“Tight money can do little about land inflation,” House & Home (Jan 1960)
Raymond Moley, “Increasing the Cost of Land,” Springfield Sun (Jan 13, 1960)
Robert C. Nelson, “Henry George Fundamentals Revivified,” Christian Science Monitor (Feb 1, 1960)
“Free Education,” reprinted from Daily News (Aug 28, 1960)
“Veitch Receives Standing Ovation in New York on Land Valuation Address,” Trumpet (Sept 1960)
Multiple Press Clippings from Nov 1960


Multiple press clippings by Ed Grah Calgary Albertan, (Feb 1961)
“Can Bigger US Subsidies Substitute for Sound Solutions of City Snafus” House & Home (Feb 1961)
William Feather, “Those Single Taxers,” Cleveland Plain Dealer (Mar 26, 1961)
“We Need Henry George,” The Carolina Israelite (May-Jun 1961)
“Shift of Taxing to Land Debated,” The New York Times (Aug 6, 1961)
John A. Woerpel, “Proposal is Aimed at Slum Operators,” The Detroit Free Press (Aug 18, 1961)
“A Tax to End All Taxes,” reprinted from the National Guardian (Oct 11, 1961)


Grace Rosenthal, “A Living Monument to the Man Textbooks Ignore,” Manhattan East (Feb 1, 1962)
Howard Hall, “Graded Taxes Urged Here…,” Dayton Daily News (Mar 7, 1962)
“City’s Graded Tax Plan Called Success,” Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Jul 13, 1962)
Edwin C. McKetney, “Correspondence,” Virgin Island Daily News (Sept 26, 1962)


Conrad Langlois, “Taxer Seulement les Terrains,” Montreal Semaine (Jan 16, 1963)
Fred W. Workman, “California Land Frauds,” Monterrey Peninsula Herald (Jan 28, 1963)
David Deas, “Advocates of Single Levy..,” The Sacramento Bee (Mar 24, 1963)
“Land Value Tax Benefits Outlined,” Erie Morning News (Apr 30, 1963)
“A missionary for land tax reform,” House & Home (May 1963)
“How to Make Any City Ugly,” Life (Aug 16, 1963)
Multiple press clippings (Apr-May 1963)
Robert Clancy, “Henry George and the Land Question,” The New Era (Dec 12, 1963)
“Land Prices Skyrocket and the People Suffer,” Labor (Dec 14, 1963)


Robert M. Hutchins, “Tax Cut Fine, but Reform is Needed,” Chicago Daily News (Jan 13, 1964)
Clippings from House & Home (April 1964)
Anthony Hancox, “Is this the Way to Open Up the Land Goldmine?” Sunday Mercury (Oct 11, 1964)


John Bennett, “Judge Fuchs Sees Solution in Land Value Tax,” San Antonio Express (Jan 7, 1965)
Doris M. Jarrell, “GR Land Tax Shift Spurred by Southfield,” Detroit Free Press (Apr 26, 1965)
“Land Value Cited as City Tax Key,” Grand Rapids Press (Sept 15, 1965)
Steven Cord, “Taxing Land Values,” Johnstown Tribune-Democrat (Sept18, 1965)
Perry Prentice, “Taxes and the Death of Cities,” The Architectural Forum (Nov 1965)


Samuel Jameson, “Land Use Reforms Spur Boom in Hawaii,” Chicago Tribune (Jan 9, 1966)
Karen Hibbler “Harry Gunnison Brown: He Stands Firm,” Sunday Missourian (Feb 27, 1966)
Charles H. Stoddard, “Why Public Lands,” Our Public (Spring 1966)
Russell Conklin, “We Need a Two-Edged Tax Reform” Great Falls Tribune (June 6, 1966)
Jerry Burns, “S.F.’s Forgotten Economist,” San Francisco Chronicle (September 2, 1966)
William P. Frank, “Site Valuation Resembles Single Tax,” Wilmington Evening Journal (Nov 16, 1966)


Will Lissner, “Pope Places Vatican Support Behind Land Reform…” Catholic Messenger (Feb 2, 1967)
Peter C. Kohler, “Land-Tax Plan Gets Jet Age Revival,” Suffolk Sun (March 24, 1967)
Francis Cowper, “London Letter: Lord of the Manor,” New York Law Journal (June 12, 1967)
Charles Macnamara, “The Prophet,” Philadelphia Magazine (October 1967)
Alan Cranston, “Putting Tax on Land…,” Los Angeles Times (November 20, 1967)


“School of Science Teaches Tax Theory,” Excelsior Empire Savings Bank News (January 1968)


C. Lowell Harris, “Equity of Heavier Reliance on Land Taxation…” (Sept-Dec 1970)
David Bell, “Land value tax would benefit homeowner,” Sunday Record (Jan 24, 1971)
“Trying to Change an Unfair Tax,” Time (May 3, 1971)
Peter Barnes, “Reconsiderations: Progress and Poverty,” New Republic (Dec 11, 1971)
John Hughes, “Henry George School…to a Multitude of Sins,” Tujanga Record-Ledger, Jul 14, 1976)
Bill Frank, “Son of Land Tax born in California,” Wilmington Morning News (Dec 29, 1977)
“Tax Reform: Let George do it!” Philadelphia Inquirer (Sept 6, 1978)


Chris Baker, “The Great Betrayal: Land Reform & Latin America,” Land and Liberty (May-Jun 1980)


Michael Hudson, The Lost Tradition of Biblical Debt Cancellations (1993)


“Henry George,” reprinted from Earl S. Miers and Paul M. Angle, The Image of America
“Henry George’s Apostrophe to Liberty” Land and Labor Library
Will Atkinson, “Henry George”
Frank Chodorov, “On False Advertising” The Freeman
Frank Chodorov, “Education for a Free Society” Scribner’s Commentator
“Lincoln and the Land Question,” Land and Freedom
“The Use of Land Value Maps,” Land and Liberty
Willliam H. Rinkenbach, “Economic Systems and Forms of Government”
Harry Gunnison Brown, “The Void in College Curriculum,” The Freeman 

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