Series One

Material related to Fairhope, Alabama

Publications of the Fairhope Single Tax Corporation

Constitution of Fairhope Single Tax Corporation (1932)
Application for Land of Fairhope Single Tax Corporation (c. 1940s)
1953 Report
Constitution of Fairhope Single Tax Corporation (Fairhope Courier Print, 1966)
Fairhope Single Tax Corporation Quarterly Report (April-June 1980)
Fairhope Single Tax Corporation Quarterly Report (October-December 1980)
Early Days of Fairhope, (1994)
Fairhope and the Single Tax Corporation (undated)
Fairhope and the Single Tax Corporation, with dedication (undated)
Fairhope “Single Tax Colony” Sustained by Supreme Court of Alabama (undated)
C.A. Gaston, Single Tax Principles that Inspired Fairhope’s Founders (undated)

Articles from the Fairhope Courier

The Fairhope Courier (November 1, 1904)
J. Rupert Mason, “A Pioneer Single Tax Act” (September 4, 1941)
C.A. Gaston, “Volume Fifty-seven” (July 27, 1950)
“Fairhope’s Results Prove Single Tax a Wise Choice” (May 5, 1955)
“Henry George’s Influence on the Modern World” (September 22, 1955)
“Fairhope Gets Publicity in Birmingham News Sunday Magazine” (October 20, 1955)
“Colony Makes Report of 1955 Activities” (March 1, 1956)
“Colony Proceedings Fairhope Single Tax Corp.” (March 1, 1956)
“Annual Report of Fairhope Single Tax Corporation” (April 11, 1957)
“Council Proceedings Fairhope Single Tax Corporation” (September 17, 1959)
“1959 Report of the Fairhope Single Tax Corporation” (January 28, 1960)
“1960 Report Fairhope Single Tax” (February 2, 1961)
“Fairhope Single Tax Corporation Has Another Successful Year in 1962” (January 30, 1963)
“Council Proceedings Fairhope Single Tax Corporation” (September 19, 1963)
“Fairhope Single Tax Corp. Makes Annual Report” (February 13, 1964)
“Fairhope Financial Report Released by City Council” (February 13, 1964)
“Council Proceedings Fairhope Single Tax Corp” (March 5, 1964)
“Negotiations Underway to Open Fairhope Library” (March 19, 1964)
“Because…Single Taxers Came to Begin Fairhope in 1894” (November 13, 1969)
C.A. Gaston to Editor of the Fairhope Courier (July 1975)
“Editor’s Musings” and “Fairhope Single Tax Corporation Protests City License” (undated)
“Fairhopians Cast Largest Vote for Amendment 1” (undated)

Documents Pertaining to ‘The Fairhope Controversies’

Louis Zadnichek II, “Single tax resentment is nothing new for Fairhope.” Mobile Press Register (May 1, 1975)
Senator T.D. Little to Dr. Robert V. Andelson, copy with note by Bob Clancy (April 27, 1977)
“The Fairhope Controversy” (June 25, 1979)
Robert V. Andelson to Governor Fob James (July 6, 1979)
Dian Arnold to Fellow Georgist (March 24, 1980)
Nadine Stoner to Claude and Dion Arnold (October 17, 1985)
Nadine Stoner to Floyd Morrow on FSTC (February 7, 1986)
Charles B. Ingersoll to Bob Clancy (March 13, 1986)
Gale W. Rowe to Steven Cord (March 17, 1986)
Nadine Stoner to Robert Clancy on Fairhope, Ala. (April 18, 1986)
Final Decree of Judge Richmond Pearson in Rudolph John Renzer, Sr., et al. vs Fairhope Single Tax Corporation, et al. (January 21, 1986)
Dian and Claude Arnold, “Dear Friends” (January 27, 1986)
Louis Zadnichek II, “Single taxers attack critics, reveal 1974 annual report.” Mobile Press Register (undated)
Vickie Chandler, “Single Tax Corporation Presents Views.” Eastern Shore Courier (undated)
Robert S. Keebler, et. al., Fairhope Single Tax Corporation vs. Alexander J. Melville
Bertha L. Battey, “I Believe.” Mobile Press Register (undated)
Mark Johnson, “Single Tax Rent Hikes: In Tune with the Times?” Eastern Shore Courier (undated)
Mark Johnson, “Single Tax Dissolution Would Bring Legal Snarls.” Eastern Shore Courier (undated)
Mark Johnson, “Value of Improvements: Key to Colony Transition.” Eastern Shore Courier (undated)

Press about Fairhope, Alabama

W.R. Hearst, “Ella Wheeler Wilcox. Writes on “Fairhope, the Hope of the Poor Man” (September 29, 1904)

“Fairhope Truly a Winter, Summer Playground on Bay of Mobile.” The Alabama Local Government Journal (September 20, 1946)

Hal O’Flaherty, “Single-Tax Colony in Alabama Still Follows Henry George Theories.” St. Louis Dispatch (April 8, 1951)

John R. Chadwick, “The Single Tax” (October 9, 1955)

“Retirement Spot: Fairhope, Alabama.” Journal of Lifetime Living (June 1957)

Ammon Hennacy, “Going South in the Winter.” Catholic Worker (March 1960)

“Fairhope, Alabama” in David and Holly Franke, Safe Places East (NY: Safe Places, Inc., 1973)

Charles Hillinger, “America Has a Single-Tax Town—to a Degree.” Los Angeles Times (November 26, 1984)

D. Michels Lovelace, “Judge rules Single Tax Corp. discriminatory.” Eastern Shore Courier (January 22, 1986)

Lee May, “A quiet town goes after jobs for its young people.” Los Angeles Times (April 30, 1990)

Kathy Jumper, “Torbert: Tax reform may not pass in April.” The Mobile Register (January 31, 1991)

Maurice Gandy, “Russian professor visiting to see how Fairhope does it.” The Mobile Register (January 11, 1993)

Scott Norvell, “The South Before the Sun Belt.” The New York Times (March 27, 1994)

“Gulf Coast Section of Alabama.” American Automobile Association Tour Book (undated)


Fairhope Colony on Mobile Bay: An Alleged Application of the Single Tax. A Brief Review by Alfred J. Wolf, a Resident Single Taxer (September, 1907)

Marietta Johnson, The Fairhope Idea in Education (New York: The Fairhope Educational Foundation, [1926])

Marietta Johnson, “The School of Organic Education.” Reprinted from Progressive Education (December 1931)

Elizabeth Read Brown, “Reviews: Fairhope’s Social Experiment,” American Journal of Economics and Sociology (circa 1956)

Dian Arnold to Fellow Georgist (July 17, 1979)

“Fairhope pioneer dead at 90” (c. 1981)

Dian Arnold on trip to Soviet Union (undated)

E.B. Gaston, “Dear Sir” with handwritten note (undated)

Paul M. Gaston, A Utopian Heritage: The Fairhope Single Tax Colony (Alabama Humanities Foundation, undated)

Single Tax Advocates, Fairhope (undated)

“Fairhope Single Tax Corporation” (undated)