Faculty and Staff

Helen Denbigh
[President of the Student-Alumni Council; founder of the Henry George Fellowship]

J.S. McGee to Helen Denbigh, March 12, 1934
Announcement about the Henry George Fellowship, April 19, 1934
“The Henry George Fellowship Instituted April 19, 1934”
Eva L. Maxwell to Helen Denbigh, April 26, 1934
Message about the Formation of the Henry George Fellowship, May 1934
Charles Joseph Smith to Helen Denbigh, July 20, 1934
Charles O’Connor Hennessy to Helen Denbigh, October 5, 1934
J.B. Priestley to Helen Denbigh, October 5, 1934
Helen Denbigh to Charles O’Connor Hennessy, February 5, 1935
Helen Denbigh to J.L.M. March 31, 1935
“The Beginning of the Henry George Fellowship,” Land and Freedom, Nov.-Dec. 1935
By Laws of the Henry George Fellowship [1935]
Grace Colbron to Helen Denbigh, October 6, 1936
Henry George Fellowship By Laws with Letter from Helen Denbigh, undated
Henry George Fellowship Informational Sheet, undated
Henry George Fellowship Solicitation Letter, undated
The Henry George Fellowship, undated
The New Physiocrats, undated

Dorothy Sara
[Faculty and Secretary of the Speakers Bureau]

The Secrets to Success in Business (New York: 1946)
“Handwriting Analysis,” Murray Hill News (July 1961)
“No Subsidy,” New York Times Magazine (April 19)
“Schools and Colleges” (undated)

Mabel L. Rees

Susan Donahue
[Executive Secretary]

Bob Ritchey to Susan Donahue, August 11, 1952

Glenn E. Hoover
[Guest Speaker and Lecturer]

“What’s Left of the ‘Single Tax?'” The Freeman (July 27, 1953)
“New Programs for Old Slums” (May 1955)
“The Role of Political Parties” (December 1955)
“The Just Distribution of Wealth” (July 7, 1956)
“Our Free Economy: Reality or Cliche” (May 6, 1957)
“Our Free Economy: Reality or Cliche,” The Free Trader (August 1957)
“Socialism and History,” San Diego Union (September 2, 1961)
“Henry George and Problems of Our Times” (undated)

Phillip Grant

Tales Out of School Series:

No. 3 – Looking a gift horse in the mouth
No. 4 – The new freedom
No. 5 – Gee-Gees and ticker tape
No. 6 – This isn’t labor
No. 7 – The stuff called money
No. 8 – Poleko
No. 9 – So this is wealth
No. 10 – Land ho!
No. 11 – ‘Taint natural
No. 12 – Sugar, shuns, shekels
No. 13 – Capitalism isn’t a man!
No. 14 – Man in the atom age
No. 15 – Zeke the capitalist
No. 16 – Hope springs eternal
No. 17 – Depression impressions
No. 18 – Landlord vs tenant
No. 20 – Ain’t progress wonderful?
No. 22 – How land produces rent in the city
No. 23 – How land pays rent on the farm
No. 24 – How Obie got by on $150 a year

Nan Braman

Nan Braman to President Reagan (February 1, 1983)
Anne Higgins to Nan Braman (February 9, 1983)
Nan Braman to Fellow Georgists (February 9, 1983)
Nan Braman to Werner (July 10, 1987)
Book review of Frances Lappe, Betraying the National Interest (undated)
“What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You” (undated)

Don Hurford
[Educational Director]

Don Hurford, Education Director to HGS Instructors, October 16, 1986

Jack Schwartzman

Dr. Jack Swartzman to Incredibly Patient Readers [of Fragments], March 1, 1983
“Lilacs” Fragments, (January-March 1966)
“White Parasols and Elephants Mad with Pride (or, the Purpose Prose of Progress and Poverty), The Nassau Review, 1979
“Poetry in the Fall,” Nassau County Office of Cultural Development, Fall 1982
“Henry George and the Ethics of Economics,” AJES (January 1986)
Resume of Dr. Jack Schwartzman, PhD, JSD, September 1, 1988
“Henry George and George Bernard Shaw: Comparison and Contrast,” AJES (January 1990)
“Personality Profile Jack Schwartzman” Universitas, (March 1990)
“Natural Law and the Campus, Revisited” (An address before the University Professors for Academic Order. George Washington University, January 5, 1991)
Nassau County Proclamation of Dr. Jack Schwartzman Day, March 22, 1991
“Henry George, Emma Lazarus, and the Concept of Liberty, Comparison and Contrast,” presented before the Henry George Conference, June 16, 1991
“Thoreau, Tolstoy, and Civil Disobedience,” July 11, 1991
“Is this War Necessary?” [1991]
“The Omelet and the Eggs: The Sequel,” May 21, 1992
Henry George and Emma Lazarus: Comparative Views (New York: RSF, [1998])
“The Value of a Teacher,” undated
“Henry George, Rerum Novarum, and the Controversy Concerning Private Property in Land,” undated
“Herbert Spencer and Henry George: A Controversy,” undated
“The Moral and Ethical basis of Georgism,” undated
“Henry David Thoreau and Henry George: Contrast and Comparison,” undated

Tom Smith
[Education Director]

Lucy Toomey and other grateful students to Dr. Smith (June 20, 2000)

Pia DeSilva

Fundamental Economics Lesson Plans, 1991 (rev. 2002)
DeSilva to Davies and Sullivan, February 20, 1991
DeSilva to Dorothy and Sam Venturella, December 2, 1992

Lindy Davies
[Faculty and Assistant Director]

Memo from Richard Barbuto (February 13, 1991)
Letter to the Editor (January 27, 1992)
“Practical Writing Gazette,” undated
“LVT and Energy,” undated
“The Real Monopoly Game,” undated
“The “Cannons” of Taxation,” undated
“[Henry George said…], undated

Vesa Nelson

Sharon Feinman to Vesa Nelson, February 13, 1995
Vesa Nelson to Margorie and Ronald Lorenz, September 25, 1995
Vesa Nelson to Teritus Chandler, September 27, 1995
Chuck Metalitz to Vesa Nelson, June 30, 2000