Mabel L. Rees

Mabel L. Rees was a school teacher and long-time volunteer in the Correspondence Department of the Henry George School in New York.

Georgist Poems, November 1946
The Bandit, the Beggar, and the Blacksmith, November 1949
Draft of To Mr. Bennett Challis, 1950
To Mr. Bennett Challis, 1950
A Simple Cure, July 1950
As the Years Pass By, January 1951
Edited Draft of As the Years Pass By, January 1951
William Penn and the Land Tax, Friends Intelligencer, December 1951
A Fish Course in Economics, 1951
To Professor H.G. Brown, 1951
Henry George and the Fifth Horseman, May-June 1952
An Ode for Henry George Day, September-October 1952
To Henry George in Memoriam, October 1952
New Years Greeting, January 1953
Rise and Fall of Civilizations, 1954
The Wheels of Progress, January-February 1954
A Share in the Worth of Land, February 1954
75th Anniversary, June 1954
The Message of Henry George, June 1954
A Cause for Rejoicing, November-December 1954
For a Georgist New Year, January-February 1955
In the Spring Time, March-April 1955
It Was the Cat, March-April 1955
For Henry George Day, Summer 1955
Truth and a Tree, September-October 1955
Philadelphia, July 1956
In Freedom’s Shine, January-February 1957
The Silver Anniversary, March-April 1957
Small Rhymes on Great Books, September-October 1957
Truth Never Dies, September-October 1957
Signs of the Times, March-April 1958
In Memory of Henry George, July 1957
The Birthplace of Henry George, September-October 1957
Exemption from Real Estate, July 1958
History Repeats Itself, July-August 1958
The Best Memorial, September 2, 1958
To Bob Rodriguez, November 1958
A Universal Holiday, September-December 1958
The Sturdy Beggars, May 1959
Nature’s Way, September 1959
For the Henry George School Christmas Party, 1960
Our Departed Georgists, January 1960
Keeper or Brother, 1961
Fourth Year Small Rhymes for Great Books, October-May 1961
A Ride to Remember, August 1961
The Philosophy for Peace and Plenty, 1962
To Oscar Geiger, January 4, 1962
A Tree at Henry George’s Birthplace, April 14, 1962
Such is the Power of Truth, August 1964
Old Rip and the Little Elves, May 1966
A Playlet, June 1966
The Meaning of Land, March 1967
The Frustration of Taxation, May 1967

All Men Are Created Equal
Second Year Small Rhymes for Great Books
Third Year Small Rhymes for Great Books
Fifth Year Small Rhymes for Great Books
Sixth Year Small Rhymes for Great Books
Seventh Year Small Rhyme for Great Books
He Kept the Faith
He Kept the Faith (2)
In Honor of Henry George Day September 2nd
In Memoriam, To Henry George
In Memory of Joseph Stockman
Index Forerunners of Henry George
Indian Problems Old and New
List of Poems
Man and His Environment
Monopoly Versus the Margin
Mr. Spencer on the Land Question
Peace and Prosperity
Sense in Nonsense
The Best Survives
The Fifth Horseman
Those Who Had a Glimpse of the Same Star
Three Brothers and Their Inheritance
To Dr. George Royal
Two Poems in Honor of Henry George Day
Two Views of Philosophy