Series Three

The Erie Land Tax Association

The E.L.T.A. News

“Jaycees Endorse Land Value Taxation,” Erie Times, December 5, 1961
“How Land Value Taxation Will Affect the Real Estate Business,” April 3, 1962
William Walker, “Land Value Taxation and Industry,” April 7, 1962
“Land Value Tax Plan Seen As Economic Cure,” Erie Times News, April 9, 1962
Charles C. Hall and William Walker, “Special Message to the Members of the Citizens Action Committee,” April 24, 1962
“Pros and Cons of Land Value Taxation.” A Study by the Affirmative and Negative Subcommittees of the Erie City Council” undated [1963]
Ed Wellejus, “Expert Says Land Tax Will Boost Economy,” Erie Times, April 29, 1963
Thomas D. Greene, “Financial Report for December 1961 – October 7, 1963,” [1963]
ELTA Advertisements, 1964
Robert D. Meyer, “War on Poverty?” Erie Daily Times, January 25, 1966
Special Notice to Erie Property Owners, undated
“A Prospectus for Land Value Taxation in Erie,” undated
“Bulletin,” undated
“The Key,” undated

Wylie Young (Founder and Executive Director)
[Also served on the Board of the Incentive Taxation League of Pennsylvania]

Open Letters on First Presbyterian Church Stationary:

Open Letter_1, undated [1944]
Open Letter_2, undated [1944]
Open Letter_3, Winter 1944
Open Letter_4, Winter 1944
Open Letter_5, Winter 1944
Open Letter_6, undated [1944]
Open Letter_7, undated [1944]
Direct Mail Reactions_1, Winter 1945
Direct Mail Reactions_2, Winter 1945
Booklet of Open Letters, undated [1944-45]
Booklet of Open Letters_2, undated [1944-45]

“A Brief Explanation of Pennsylvania’s New Graded Tax Law” [1960]
“Speaker Asks Adoption of Land Use Tax Plan” News-Herald (March 16, 1960)
“Dear Fellow Georgists,” September 4, 1963
“To Our Georgist Friends and Contributors Outside of Erie,” October 28, 1963
“A Special Message to Georgists Everywhere,” September 15, 1965
“A Tax Reform Whose Time Has Come. With Open Letters from Wylie E. Young,” [1983]
“It Wouldn’t Be Christmas if We Didn’t Keep in Touch,” 1987
“A Glance Over Our Shoulder,” undated
Letter to Mr. Blank, undated
“Incentive Taxation for Lancaster, Pennsylvania,” undated
“Let’s Put Eight Million People Back to Work,” undated
“The Magic of Land Value Taxation,” undated
“Two Paragraphs from An Antidote for Madness,” undated