Series One

J. Rupert Mason (President)

J. Rupert Mason, “The California Irrigation District Act.” Land & Liberty (Nov 1941)
J.R. Mason vs. El Dorado Irrigation District. Appellant’s Opening Brief (circa 1943)
J.R. Mason vs. El Dorado Irrigation District. Petition for a Rehearing (San Francisco, CA: October 1944)
J.R. Mason vs. Imperial Irrigation District. Petition for Writ of Certorari in the U.S. Supreme Court (October 1944)
J. Rupert Mason, “Progress and Poverty.” The Sacramento Union (Jan 26 1953)
J. Rupert Mason, “Single Tax.” Monterey Herald (Sept 22 1953)
J. Rupert Mason, “Henry George’s Principle at Work.” Money, Banks & Taxes (Oct 1954)
J. Rupert Mason, “A Pioneer Single Tax Law” (undated)
J. Rupert Mason, “California’s Irrigation Districts – A Lesson in Land Reform” (undated)
J. Rupert Mason, ‘The Supreme Law of the Land within the United States of America” (undated)
Comments of J. Rupert Mason…in the Report Signed by William Winter… (Undated)
J. Rupert Mason, “Can the Tax Power Stop Rising Living Costs?” (undated)
J.Rupert Mason, “Planning for Liberty” (undated)
J. Rupert Mason, “Opposition to Assembly Constitutional Amendment No. 3” (undated)

Joseph S. Thompson (President)

Joseph S. Thompson, Landlordism (San Francisco, 1937)
Joseph S. Thompson, “Asses or Assessors,” (June 6, 1964)
Joseph S. Thompson, A Basic Income (Reprinted by J.J. Pot, 1979)
Joseph S. Thompson, “An Analysis of “The Single Tax” undated
Joseph S. Thompson, “Colloquial Colloquies,” undated
Joseph S. Thompson, “More Colloquial Colloquies,” undated
Joseph S. Thompson, “Abolition of Poverty,” undated

Godfrey Dunkley (President)

Godfrey Dunkley, “South African Newsletter” (August 14, 1981)
Godfrey Dunkley, “The Age of Interdependence in Progress” (Winter 1981)
Godfrey Dunkley to Lester Allen (September 10, 1983)
Godfrey Dunkley to J.J. Pot (October 9, 1983)
Godfrey Dunkley to Senator Benjamin M. Nsibandze (November 4, 1983)
John D. Allen to Godfrey Dunkley (October 12, 1984)
Godfrey Dunkley to John D. Allen (November 26, 1984)
Godfrey Dunkley, “Submission to the Commission of Inquiry into the Tax Structure of South Africa” (January 14, 1985)
Godfrey Dunkley to the Secretary of Inquiry into the Tax Structure of South Africa (January 14, 1985)
John D. Allen to Godfrey Dunkley (February 4, 1985)
Godfrey Dunkley to Robert Clancy (February 18, 1985)
Godfrey Dunkley, “Economic Manfesto” (April 16, 1985)
Godfrey Dunkley to O.A. Johannsen (September 21, 1987)
Enclosed article_1
Enclosed article_2
Godfrey Dunkley, “Natural Rent & the Road to Full Employment” (undated)

Richard Noyes (President)

Richard Noyes to Perry (March 20, 1981)
Richard Noyes to Edward J. Dodson (August 16, 1982)
Richard Noyes, “What ONE Founding Father FORESAW” (July 1987)
Richard Noyes, “Out of the frying pan,” The Salem Observer (August 27, 1987)
Mark Sullivan to Richard Noyes (January 5, 1989)
Richard Noyes to Dr. John Sununu (August 8, 1989)
Press Release about Now the Synthesis, edited by Richard Noyes (undated)

Knud Tholstrup (Vice-President)

Knud Tholstrup, Inflation kan standes (1960)
Knud Tholstrup, “Is it proved that Inflation can be stopped by the Single Tax” (September 1968)
Knud Tholstrup, Economic Liberalism (February 1973)
Knud Tholstrup, Okonomisk Liberalisme (February 1973)             
Knud Tholstrup, “Understanding growing” (September 1973)
Knud Tholstrup, “Inflation” (September 1973)
Knud Tholstrup, “Sub-appendix for App. I. in Economic Liberalism” (September 1974)
Knud Tholstrup, “The Land Tax and Inflation” (June 1979)
Knud Tholstrup, “Go and Practise Georgism in Politics” (July 24-31, 1982)
Knud Tholstrup, “Dear Editors” (March 14, 1984)
“Svend K. Tholstrup – Kosan Gruppens…” KosanKontack (July 1985)
Knud Tholstrup, “Dear Editor” (October 16, 1987)
Knud Tholstrup, “A Third Way for the Third World” (June 1988)
Knud Tholstrup, “The Inflation” (August 1988)
“Knud Tholstrup in memoriam” (April 1989)
Knud Tholstrup, “My theory about the inflationary…” (undated)
Knud Tholstrup, “Remarks on Mr. Blundell’s Paper” (undated)
Knud Tholstrup, “The Third Way = A New Economy” (undated)
Knud Tholstrup, “A World Crisis of Depression…” (undated)

Barbara Sorbielo (Secretary) and Jose Mernane (Treasurer)

H.I. Meyer to Barbara Sobrielo (November 2, 1981)
Barbara Sobrielo and Jose Mernane to All Members (September 1982)
Barbara Sobrielo to Fellow Member (March 1983)
Bill Pitt and Graham Hart to Barbara Sobrielo (April 27, 1984)
Barbara and Jose Mernane to Fellow Member (September 1984)
Barbara and Jose Mernane to Fellow Member (January 23, 1985)
Barbara and Jose Mernane to Fellow Georgist (March 20, 1985)
Barbara and Jose, Treasurer’s and Secretary’s Reports [April 1985]
Barbara and Jose Mernane to Fellow Member (September 17, 1986)
Barbara Sobrielo to Fellow Member (October 1989)
Mark Sullivan to Barbara Sobrielo (February 12, 1991)

J.J. Pot (Executive Committee)

J.J. Pot, “Dear Teachers” (Fall 1959)
J.J. Pot, “The Name of Our Union” (September 1974)
J.J. Pot, “Dear Friends” (August 21, 1979)
J.J. Pot, “Our Approach” (1982)
J.J. Pot, Memo to CIT (February 9, 1993)
J.J. Pot, “First Lesson on Economics” (undated)
J.J. Pot, “The Four Factors of Production” (undated)
J.J. Pot, “Land and Labour” (undated)
J.J. Pot, “The Meaning of this Emblem” (undated)
J.J. Pot, “Objects of the Union” (undated)
J.J. Pot, “Something to Ponder” (undated)
J.J. Pot, “Summary of the Muddle around Rent: Land and Moral” (undated)