Series Two

Leaflets, Pamphlets, and Other Committee Publications


No. 7, W.R. Lester, “Land Values Taxation”
No. 17, “The Shopkeeper’s Budget”
No. 23, “Why Do We Tax Houses?”
No. 24, “Land Value Rating Cardiff States the Case”
No. 26, “The Breakfast Table Duties and Food Taxes” [1911]
No. 27, “Land Value Rating in New Zealand”
No. 31, “The Latest Lesson from Denmark,” (March 31, 1926)
No. 33, “Why the Rates are Heavy in London?”
No. 34, “Land Nationalisation,” (Reprint)
No. 35, W.R. Lester, “How to Unlock the Land”
No. 37, “Conservatives Approve the Rating of Land Values”
No. 38, “A Tax on Land Values Not a Tax on Land”
No. 49, Frederick Verinder, “Holding and Withholding”
No. 50, W.R. Lester, “Why Work is Scarce”
No. 58, “Land and Taxation Memorial” [1911]
No. 60, “An Illustration from the Lusitania”
No. 61, “The Land Song”
No. 62, W.R. Lester, “How to Raise Wages without Strikes”
No. 63, “To All Employed in the Building Trade”
No. 65, “Some Reasons Why”
No. 66, “Peasant Proprietorship and Tariff Reform”
No. 67, “For the Community Its Own”
No. 68, “The Landlords Threw Off Their Taxes”
No. 70, “The Land Question. What is it?”
No. 201, “It’s Your Money”
“How to Reduce Your Rates and Taxes” (A Collection of Leaflets)

Other Publications

Henry George, Justice the Object–Taxation the Means (orig. 1890)
Alex Ure, Report of the Select Committee…(1906)
“The Problem of Wealth: An Open Letter to Andrew Carnegie” (1907)
“Recommendations for the Taxation of Land Values” (orig. 1914)
J.R. Firth, “Land Value Taxation in Practice” (orig. 1925)
“Mr. Philip Snowden on Land Value Taxation,” Land & Liberty Series No. 26 [1928]
“A Great Debate is Opened” (1928)
“Sheffield City Council and Land Value Rating” (1928)
“Housing and Land Monopoly in Our Villages” (1929)
“How to Raise Wages Without Raising Pries” (1929)
“How To Raise Wages. A Word to the Smallholder and Farmer” (1929)
“Idle Land and Idle Men” (1929)
“The Government’s De-Rating Act” (1929)
“Why Work is Scarce and How to Mend Matter” (1929)
Harold Crossley, “Land Value Taxation and Free Trade” (1932-33)
“The Task Confronting the Government” (orig. 1945)
“The Operation of Land-Value Rating in Various Countries” (1949)
“Land and Liberty Manifesto” (1951)
“Land and Taxation. A Conversation between David Dudley and Henry George” (orig. 1885)
A.R. Hutchinson, “Land, Jobs, Homes,” July 1958
“Why Land Value Taxation” (orig. 1960)
Henry Law, “Paying for Local Services” (May 1986)


Ashley Mitchell, “Trade Barriers”
A.G. Huie, “Natural Rights,” Land and Liberty Series, No. 6
Lewis H. Berens and Ignatius Singer, “The Story of My Dictatorship”
Rothwell, “Rural England and Reconstruction”
“Cities Held to Ransom. Facts and Figures”
Frank Lucas, “Can Taxation Be Constructive?”
“Free Trade and the Land Question”
“What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You” (undated)
H.G. Chancellor, “The Only Way Out of Employment”
Henry George, “The Master Motive of Human Action”
“Labour Party and Land Values. Notes for Labour Speakers”
“Liberal Governments and the Land Question”
“Light on the Land Question: A Story of an Idea”
“Site-Value Rating. Objections Answered”
“The Burden of Local Taxation”
“The Meaning and Purpose of Land Value Taxation”
Viggo Starcke, “Our Daily Bread,” Land & Liberty
Viggo Starcke, Pharaoh Had a Dream (Land & Liberty Press)
“What is Land Value Taxation?”
“What is Wrong with Our Rating System?”