Oscar Geiger, 1932-1934

Notes for a Letter to the Editor of the Nation, 1921
Natural Law and the Economic World, 1927
John Rose to Oscar Geiger, March 12, 1934

Undated Written Material
Adam Smith
Can This Civilization Be Saved
Ethics and the Atom
Ethics of Democracy
Industrial Depressions
Letter to the Liberty Editor
Natural Law and the Nature of Some Factors
Natural Prosperity Dream
Notes on the HGSSS for Land and Freedom
Notes for a Land and Freedom Editorial
Notes for Single Tax Lectures
Origin and Genesis of Civilization
Reasoning, Spiritualism, Poetry
Self-Mastery The Law of Success
Single Tax Lectures
Questions and Answers
The Man from Mars
The Way Out
The Sex Problem and its Solution

Norman Fowles, 1934-1935

Walter Fairchild to Norman Fowles, December 18, 1934
George H. Duncan to Norman Fowles, May 21, 1925

Otto K. Dorn, 1935-1936

Frank Chodorov, 1936-1942

[Editor of the Freeman, 1937-1944 and founder of Analysis]

Frank Chodorov to Francis I. Du Pont, December 3, 1937
Letter from the U.S. Treasury Department, November 30, 1938
A. Mansen to Frank Chodorov, July 31, 1939
Mrs. Roswell Skeel, Jr. to Frank Chodorov, September 20, 1939
Rusby to Frank Chodorov, January 27, 1941
Frank Chodorov to Fellow Schoolman, [circa 1940]
“Taxes and Rent” Freeman (September 1939)
“A Century of Rhinelanderism” Progress Guide (October 1945)
“New War Between the States” March of Progress (March 1946)
“Socialism—Abundance or Ruin” March of Progress (April 1946)
The Economics of Society, Government and State (New York, 1946)
From Solomon’s Yoke to the Income Tax (Hinsdale, IL: The Human Events Pamphlets, 1947)
Taxation is Robbery (Chicago: Human Events Associates, 1947)
 The Myth of the Post Office (Hinsdale, IL: Henry Regnery Company, 1948)
“Storm Over Pasadena” Human Events (June 13, 1951)
“About Me” The Freeman (July 1954)
“Gentle Nock at Our Door” Faith and Freedom (February 1955)
“Land Speculation Endangers the Economy” Human Events (December 15, 1960)
“More Trade—More Jobs” March of Progress
Frank Chodorov to Committee on Research
“The Unpredictable Mr. Nock’s “Henry George””
“Return Revolution,” reprinted from Analysis
Private Schools. The Solution to America’s Educational Problem (New York National Council for American Education
“On False Advertising” The Freeman
“Education for a Free Society” Scribner’s Commentator

Margaret Bateman, 1942-1946

Don Marcellus to Margaret Bateman, July 27, 1942
William Heymann to Margaret Bateman, January 19, 1943
Emanuel R. Posnack to Margaret Bateman, July 8, 1943
Margaret Bateman to Emanuel R. Posnack, July 16, 1943
Margaret Bateman to Saul Cohn, September 13, 1943
Margaret Bateman to John S. MacLean, December 1, 1943
Margaret Bateman to John S. MacLean, December 20, 1944
Margaret Bateman to “You A Straight-Thinking Person,” n.d.
Whose World (New York World Ideas, 1944)
Denies Charges of Appeasement,” New York Sun, February 4, 1942
“School Denies Anti-War Teaching,” New York World-Telegram, 1942

Robert Clancy, 1946-1968

Arnold Weinstein, 1969-1974

Lucy de Silva to Arnold Weinstein, July 7, 1968
J. Tetley to Arnold Weinstein, June 8, 1972

Philip Finkelstein, 1976-1982

[Also served as director of the Center for Local Tax Research]

Philip Finkelstein to Mr. Pleydell, January 21, 1970
Philip Finkelstein to Bernard Ludwig, October 7, 1974
George L. Collins to Philip Finkelstein, February 8, 1978
Philip Finkelstein to Robert Clancy, August 21, 1978
Philip Finkelstein to Thor E. Wood, August 23, 1978
Philip Finkelstein to Robert Clancy, August 24, 1978
Robert Clancy to Philip Finkelstein, October 23, 1978
Philip Finkelstein to Robert Clancy, October 26, 1978
Dorothy Aschkenasy to Philip Finkelstein, September 5, 1979
Mildred Loomis to Philip Finkelstein, January 21, 1980
[Unknown] to Philip Finkelstein, October 3, 1980
Mitchell Chanelis to Philip Finkelstein, July 7, 1982
William W. Newcomb to Phil Finkelstein, November 9, 1982
The Assessor an Urban Land Use Change,” April 27-30, 1975
“Time for the Truth on City’s Tax Base” New York Times, August 17, 1975
Real Property Taxation in New York City,” Real Estate Review, Summer 1976
CGO Memo on the Death of Philip Finkelstein, November 4, 1982
Philip Finkelstein, 51,” New York Times, November 23, 1982
Memo on the Passing of Philip Finkelstein, [1982]
“Local Revenue for Hard Times,” n.d.
“How to Make the Property Tax Work” Newsday, n.d.

Stanley Rubenstein, 1975, 1983-1989

[Also served as Director of the Center for Local Tax Research and Director of the HGSSS Long Island Extension]

Ralph Greene to Stan Rubenstein, August 27, 1973
Stan Rubenstein to Mr. Bernstein, October 23, 1973
Stan Rubenstein to Mrs. Fleming, October 23, 1973
Stan Rubenstein to Mr. Ince, October 23, 1973
Stan Rubenstein to Mr. Reis, October 23, 1973
Stan Rubenstein to Mr. Simon, October 23, 1973
Stan Rubenstein to Mr. Zanchow, October 23, 1973
Stan Rubenstein to Bertrim Linder, October 25, 1973
Stan Rubenstein to Dave Anderson, October 25, 1973
Stan Rubenstein to Dr. Al Alexander, October 29, 1973
Stan Rubenstein to Mr. Michael Bettinger, December 10, 1973
Jeanine Anderson to Stan Rubenstein,” June 16, 1975
Stan Rubenstein to Mr. Marc Bessin, October, 16, 1975
Nadine Stoner to Stan Rubenstein, August 30, 1983
Stan Rubenstein to [unknown], February 12, 1985
Richard Noyes to Stanley Rubenstein, February 18, 1985
Stan Rubenstein to Your Excellency, March 1985
“Let’s Keep the Property Tax for Our Schools,” Newsday, April 26, 1972
“The Tax Assessors’ Army Leading Us to Equity” Newsday, April 25, 1976
“Review: Land in America Its Value, Use, and Control,” 1980
“Incentive Taxation Newsletter #1,” April 7, 1982
“Tax the Land” The Christian Science Monitor, February 23, 1983
“Letters Base Taxes on Land Value,” n.d.

George Collins, 1989-1998

[Also served as director of the HGSSS Extension in Philadelphia]

Mike S. Lurio to George L. Collins, August 6, 1990
George L. Collins to Mike S. Lurio, August 13, 1990
Article about Collins and HGSSS in Progress Report, April 1991
Postcards to HGS Staff, 1993
Marjorie and Ronald Lorenz to George Collins, September 9, 1995
George L. Collins to Student, June 28, 1996
“Glimpses of the Past and Present” Jamaica Progressive League, November 1961
“Another untaxed sin Center City Welcomat,” December 9, 1981
“A Down to Earth Tax Proposal” Midtown East Resident, July 1, 1991
“What’s Progress” New York Newsday, August 8, 1991
“The man we are remembering,” undated

Mike Curtis, 2001-2004

[Also served as director of the HGSSS extension in Arden, DE and Philadelphia, PA]

Teacher’s Manual for Social Economics, 1981
Gary Soulsman, “He pushes hard for a single tax-on land.” Sunday News Journal (May 8, 1983)
“Political Economy,” 1988
Carl DiOrio, “George School: Small enrollment, high goals.” Business Journal (January 8-14, 1990)
Mike Curtis to Thomas Smith, April 4, 2000
“The Urban Dilemma,” undated
The Urban Dilemma. New York: Robert Schalkenbach Foundation, undated