Series Four

The Incentive Taxation League of Pennsylvania

Incentive Taxation

Richard Biddle (President)

“Assessments Due for Overhaul,” Philadelphia Inquirer, October 8, 1980
“‘New’ Tax Theory; Back to the Land,” Philadelphia Inquirer, undated [1980]
Oscar Johannsen to Richard Biddle, July 8, 1981

 Dan Sullivan (Western Regional Director)

“KQV One-Minute Commercial,” December 24-29, 1981
Letter to Herb Goldstein, October 18, 1982
“Direct Reply to Testimony Presented by Downtown Business Interests,” undated [February 1983]
“Confessions to the Tax Collector,” undated
“Fellow Land Tax Supporter,” undated
“Importance of a Master Plan: A View from the Trenches,” undated
Letter to John Kelly, c/o Shearson, undated
“To All Active Georgists,” undated
“News Release: National Tax Reform Convention Cheers Pittsburgh,” undated
“The Private-Investment Community Land Trust,” undated
“Talking Land Tax to Politicians,” undated

 Frank E. Nelson and the LVT Committee of Delaware

Letter to John F. Kirk, August 31, 1976
Celia Cohen, “Brooksider pushing land value tax plan,” Newark Weekly Post, Sept 8, 1976
“It’s Up to the Cities to Save Themselves,” Fortune, March 1977
Sidney J. Harris, “A Topsy-Turvy Tax System,” March 1977
Letter to Gerald S. Gold, November 22, 1977
Letter to Councilman Don Carroll, April 2, 1978
“Untangling the Property Tax,” excerpt from The Average Man Fights, June 1978
Letter from Attorney General Richard S. Gebelein, March 7, 1980
Letter to Robert Connor, May 9, 1980
Letter to the Editor of Delaware Today Magazine, June 15, 1980
Letter to Richard T. Collins, June 29, 1980
Letter to Perry c/o Schalkenbach Foundation, July 30, 1980
Letter to the Editor of the Evening Journal, November 18, 1980
“Land Tax Policies Faulty,” Evening Journal, December 1, 1980
Letter to Mr. Wills Passmore,” November 28, 1980
“Mayor William T. McLaughlin,” April 15, 1981

Brian O’Neill, “He Wages Computer War on Wage Tax,” The Pittsburgh Press, December 7, 1988

“The Case Against Mercantile Tax,” undated

“Land Tax: Impact on Jobs in Basic Industries,” undated

Wylie E. Young, “Open Letters to the Mayor and Philadelphia City Council Re Bill #1226,” undated

“What Busted the Building Boom in Pittsburgh?” undated

Steven Cord, “Victory in Harrisburg!” undated