Series Four

Material from Associated Leagues                                                         

English League for the Taxation of Land Values 

Frederick Verinder (Secretary, 1902-1948)

“Form IV – What Next?” (1911)
“Is There a Cure?” (1921)
“Methods of Land Nationalisation”
“Our Daily Bread” (1929)
“The Crying Injustice” (1933)

Josiah C. Wedgwood (President, 1925-1931)

Josiah C. Wedgwood to Anna George De Mille, Jan 11, 1941
Josiah C. Wedgwood to Anna George De Mille, Nov 1, 1941

“Land Values: How they Should be Taxed” (1906)
“Trade Unions and the Taxation of Land Values” (1911)
“Colonial Systems of Land Tenure and Taxation” (1936)
“Banned by the BBC” (1938)
“Justice not Expediency for Aliens” (1940)
“America and the War” (1941)
“America Must Take on the Job” (1942)
“The Old World and the New,” (1941, signed by author)
“A Londoner’s Day and Night”
“Liberty in Prose and Verse”
“The American People and English Children”

Willoughy Dewar, “Review of Wedgwood’s Testament to Democracy” (1942)
J.F. Sullivan, “The Queer Side of Landlordism” (1892)
Sir Edgar Harper, “The Root Cause of the Coal Trouble” (1926)
Sir Edgar Harper, “The Speculative Element” (1927)

Monthly Bulletin, No. 37 (1938)
Monthly Bulletin, No. 38 (1938)
Monthly Bulletin, No. 39 (1938)
Monthly Bulletin, No. 40 (1938)

Scottish League for the Taxation of Land Values

W.R. Lester, “The Taxation of Land Values” (1904)
“Land Values in Fact and Law. Evidence Given by Edwin Adam” (1907)
“The Problem of Wealth: An Open Letter to Andrew Carnegie” (1907)
James H. MacMurchie to David MacMurchie (March 1977)
John Paul et. al., “Scottish Single Tax League. Manifesto to the Electors”
“Richard Cobden and the Land Tax”
Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman, “The Liberal Leader on the Taxation of Land Values”
Joseph Edwards, “A Brief History of Landholding in England”