Northern California

Newsletters, Brochures, Reports

“George: Northern California Economist (October 1966)
The Henry George Newsletter of Northern California (1974-1983)
The Mercury (1992-1994)
Quicksliver, (1997-2004)
Economics for a Peaceful Planet (Spring 1983)
Economics for a Peaceful Planet (Summer 1983)
Economics for a Peaceful Planet (no date)
The Analyst, March 1976
Annual Report, 1974-1975
School Brochure, Fall 1976
Henry George Birthday Celebration Flyer, September 2, 1976

Staff/Director Correspondence and Other Documents

Robert De Fremery (President, 1961-?)*
*De Fremery also served as Vice President of the Henry George School at San Diego)

“Our Unsound Tax Laws…,” The Commercial and Financial Chronicle (July 7, 1960)
“Letter to the Editor: Mixed Emotions,” Wall Street Journal (April 1964)
“Banking Reforms to Sop Periodic Liquidity Crises ” The Commercial and Financial Chronicle (July 9, 1970)
Robert De Fremery to Council of Georgist Organizations (November 11, 1989)

E. Robert Scrofani (Director 1969-1992)

“The Truth Versus Communism,” The Shield, March 1947
Robert Keeley to E. Robert Scrofani, October 23, 1980
Thomas Pickering to E. Robert Scrofani, February 4, 1981
Scrofani to President Reagan, October 13, 1981
“Economics for a Peaceful Planet,” June 1982
“Dilemmas in Land”Dilemmas in Land Reform,” January-February 1985
“Let’s Reform Prop. 13,” San Francisco Chronicle, November 4, 1985
“Wright Act,” California Historical Courier [1987]
“Dear Colleagues,” April 1987
“Economic and Political Newsletter,” 1987
Wendell Fitzgerald [on behalf of Scrofani] to Robert Clancy, March 17, 1988
“Henry George,” June 1, 1988
“Economic and Political Newsletter,” Fall 1989
“Scrofani’s Tale,” April 1991
“Soviets Should Try Henry George Land Plan,” New York Times, September 21, 1991
Comments during an Openings Lunch Hour, undated
“Corazon Aquino and the Land Reform Problem,” undated
Draft Review of The Peasant Betrayed for Land and Liberty, undated
Scrofani and Tideman, “Jamestown & Disneyland,” undated
“Enterprise Zones,” undated
“Land Monopoly Kills the Rain Forest,” undated
“Land Reform Failure for Marcos,” undated
“Land Reform in Taiwan,” undated
“Liberty Linked to Land,” undated
“Reverend Matthew Fox on Henry George,” undated
Review of Rediscovering America’s Values,” undated
“Slavery and Slavery,” undated
“Who Owns North Carolina?” undated
“Zimbabwe: Growing with Equity,” undated

Robert C. Tideman (Executive Secretary and Vice President, 1959-1974)

“Berkeley’s Taxes,” January 25, 1962
“Congressman Asks Latin American Land Taxes,” February 22, 1962
“On Revolution,” August 9, 1962
“Fractional Assessments,” Hastings Law Journal (May 1965)
Tideman, Letter to the Editor: “The Perplexed Critics,” May 1992

Alanna Hartzok (Education Director, 1980-1992)

Alanna Hartzok to Henry George School Directors, March 13, 1982
Jack Shwartzman, “War Jobs,” reprinted from Fragments, Spring 1983
Alanna Hartzok to Bob Hershman, September 13, 1982
Alanna Hartzok to Henry George School Directors, October 11, 1983
Global Environment Day Flyer, June 8, 1987
“Reinventing the Progress and Poverty Class,” 1988
George Amberg to Friend of the Henry George School, June 15, 1989
Alanna Hartzok, Report on Educational Approaches, September 1989
Alanna Hartzok to Henry George School Board Members, September 25, 1989
Alanna Hartzok to Participants of the Georgist Conference, undated
Alanna Hartzok, “The Sage Brush Rebellion,” undated
Alanna Hartzok, “Bioregionalism, New World Order, and Georgist Economics,” undated

Glen Dutton, “Henry George.” SF Examiner (September 15, 1953)


Cal Framework Curriculum Goals, undated
Cathey Smeland, Dear Member, undated
Fred Foldvary, Dear Friend of the School, undated
Fundamentals of Money Course Announcement, undated
“Land and Hunger in America,” undated
Report on the “Ethics in Economics Curriculum” Conference, undated