San Diego

** San Diego extension reorganized into the Basic Economic Education, Inc. in the 1960s

Newsletters and Brochures

Economic News (edited by Everett Seeley and James L. Palmer)

Robert V. Andelson (Executive Director)

Richard Eby, “Enterprise Linked to Single Tax.” San Diego Tribune (September 8, 1960)

Basic Economic Education, Inc.**

BEE Brochure

Floyd Morrow (President and Treasurer)

“Morrow Continues Fight Against Unfair Taxes,” Election News (September 1977)
Floyd Morrow, “Henry George on National Television,” August 23, 1979
Floyd Morrow, “Debunking the Tax Structure,” San Diego Newsline (April 1, 1980)
“Floyd Morrow Pledges Representation for All,” Election News (Summer 1980)
Floyd Morrow to “Georgist Friends,” July 28, 1980
CGO to Floyd Morrow, November 11, 1980
Floyd Morrow to “Fellow Georgists,” July 23, 1984
Floyd Morrow to “All Farshighted Georgists,” January 3o, 1985
Mark Sullivan to Floyd Morrow, March 19, 1987
Articles by Floyd Morrow and Tom Sherrard in San Diego Newsline (July 21, 1987)
Georgists for Morrow Committee Letter, undated
Robert Clancy to Floyd Morrow, undated
“Mayoral Voting in San Diego,” undated

Harry Valasek (Vice President)

“Taxation is Immoral,” undated

Tom Sherrard (Chairman)

“San Diego History: A Georgist Perspective,” 1987
Letter to Tom Sherrard, April 27 (no year)
“Bootstrap Genie: A Self-Educational Project,” undated

George Babilot (Member of the Board of Directors)

George Babilot et. al., “Natural Monopolies and Rent,” AJES (April 1987)