General Extension Material

Board of Governors, “Will You Place a Wreath on His Grave?” circa 1947
“Anderson: They’ll Love 2 1/2 in 5 years,” Boston Globe (July 8, 1981)
Lawrence D. Clark, “Dear Friend,” December 1982
Tillman Schafer, “Dear Friend,” December 8, 1982
“The World We Choose,” 1983
Ernest Kahn to President George H.W. Bush, January 27, 1989
Abolish Taxes on Human Labor, undated
About the Henry George School, undated
“Rita Webb Smith,” undated
“A Native American Speaks,” undated

Staff/Director Correspondence and Publications

John S. Codman (Director, 1935-1951, President, 1951-1959):

“Why Not Liberty?” Wholesale Grocer News (August 1944)
John S. Codman and Francis G. Goodale, “A Tax Reduction Plan for Boston,” December 6, 1944
“Shall We Choose Privilege or Free Enterprise?” Wholesale Grocer News (August 1945)
“Free Enterprise–A Dream or a Reality?” Wholesale Grocer News (August 1946)
“Capitalism Can Be Saved” Wholesale Grocer News (August 1947)
Letter to the Editor of the Christian Science Monitor (March 23, 1950)
“Relief from Taxes,” April 1957

Mitchell S. Lurio (Director, 1951-1977):

“Kensyanism,” July 1955
“Letter to the Editor of the Bulletin of Small Business,” March 14, 1956
“How Competition for Sales Forces Economic Interest Down,” May 26, 1956
“Letter to the Editor of the Boston Globe,” February 14, 1957
“An Answer to M.N. Rothbard,” February 1958
“The Non-Shiftability of Land Value Taxes,” 1961
“Comments on Knud Tholstrup’s ‘Why Put Up With Inflation,'” April 8, 1961
“Letter to the Editor of the Boston Herald,” February 14, 1963
“The Occasional Letter,” October 1973
Mitchell Lurio to the Directors of the Massachusetts Tax Foundation, May 3, 1977
Mitchell Lurio to Bob Clancy, March 17, 1986
“A License to Steal,” undated
“On Monetary Gold,” undated

Mitchell Chanelis (Director, 1977-1980s):

“Unitarian Endorsement,” [1981]
Henry George School Press Release, May 28, 1981
Incentive Tax League Press Release, December 2, 1981
Incentive Tax League Press Release, February 25, 1982
Henry George School Press Release, July 6, 1982
Mitchell Chanelis to Editor of Newsweek, October 19, 1982
Incentive Tax League Press Release, October 25, 1982
Mitchell Chanelis to Walter Rybeck, January 6, 1983
Dana Hornig to Mitch Chanelis, May 13, 1983
Betsy Dana to Mitchel Chanelis, October 20, 1983
Boston Business Journal Article on Mitchell Chanelis, April 9-16, 1984
Mitchell Chanelis to Morgan Harris, June 4, 1984
Mitchell Chanelis “Dear Friends,” undated