Series One

Correspondence and Publications of Association Secretary Lawson Purdy

**Purdy served as secretary from 1896 to 1906, after which he served as President of the Department of Taxes and Assessments for the City of New York.


Lawson Purdy, Dear Sir, March 1, 1900
Lawson Purdy, Dear Sir, March 14, 1902
Lawson Purdy to Daniel Kiefer, June 8, 1911
Lawson Purdy to A.C. Pleydell, June 10, 1912


Lawson Purdy, Recent Results of Property Tax in New York (New York, 1898)

Lawson Purdy, “Taxation as Affecting Commerce and Manufactures” Business New York (November 1899)

Lawson Purdy, “Best Methods of Taxation and Assessment in Municipalities.” A Paper read before the League of American Municipalities, December 12-15, 1900

Lawson Purdy, “A New Method for the Taxation of Public Service Corporations,” 1905

Advisory Commission on Taxation and Finance, Report of Mr. Purdy on the Personal Property Tax (New York: Martin B. Brown, Co., 1905)

Lawson Purdy, Tax Legislation in New York in 1905 (New York: Tax Reform Association, reprint from Moody’s Magazine, February 1906)

Lawson Purdy, “The Best Taxed City in the World.” Address before the Real Estate Board of Brokers of the City of New York, February 24, 1906

Lawson Purdy, “Obstructions to Progress.” Speech given at the Third Annual Dinner of the Ohio State Board of Commerce, December 14, 1906

Lawson Purdy, “Outline of a Model System of State and Local Taxation.” Reprinted from the Addresses and Proceedings of the National Conference on State and Local Taxation, Columbus, Ohio, November 12-15, 1907

Address by Lawson Purdy at the dinner of the Real Estate Board Brokers, February 18, 1907

Lawson Purdy, “Abolition of Personal Taxation.” Address before the first State Conference on Taxation in Utica, N.Y., January 12-13, 1911

Lawson Purdy, “[Protestantism],” The Church Congress (May 6, 1911)

Lawson Purdy, “The Assessment of Real Estate.” Paper presented before the Second Pan American Scientific Congress in Washington, D.C. December 27, 1915-January 8, 1916

Lawson Purdy, “Some Advance Municipal Steps,” National Municipal Review 6 (January 1917)

Lawson Purdy, “Conserving the Development Increment for the Community.” Address before the National Conference of Social Work, 1918

Lawson Purdy, “New Relations of City and State Governments,” National Municipal Review 7 (September 1918)

Lawson Purdy, “The Assessment of Real Estate,” National Municipal Review 8 (September 1919)

Lawson Purdy and James F. Morton, Jr., “Exemption of Churches from Taxation,” The Arbitrator 3 (November 1920)

Lawson Purdy, “Why We Need Excess Condemnation.” National Municipal Review 7 (July 1923)

Lawson Purdy, “Constitutional Tax Exemption: A Review.” National Municipal Review 18 (March 1924)

Peter Kihss, “Lawson Purdy, 90, is Still a Busy Man,” New York Times (September 13, 1953)

“Lawson Purdy Dies at 95, Advocate of Tax Reforms,” New York Herald Tribune (September 1, 1959)

Lawson Purdy, “Municipal Taxation,” undated

Lawson Purdy, “Memorandum as to Natural Rights,” undated