New Collections – Single Tax Clubs, Loring D. Beckwith, and School of Living

Henry George School Archive staff recently organized and uploaded three new collections further detailing the history of the single tax and movements inspired by Henry George.

Material from Various Single Tax Leagues and Clubs, 1902-1945

This collection features documents associated with various state and local single tax leagues from 1902 to 1945. The clubs and leagues featured in this collection include: the Anti-Poverty Club (Capon Springs, West Virginia), formed and led by George’s son-in-law, Will Atkinson; the Civics and Equity League (Washington, D.C.) established by Joseph B. Chamberlain to “discredit propaganda” against the single tax; the Chicago-based Henry George Lecture Association led by Frederick Monroe  and which organized lectures on various topics related to George’s theories throughout the 1910s; and, the Single Tax League of Texas, formed in March 1916.

Writings of Loring D. Beckwith, 1930-1949

This collection includes mostly undated material authored and published by newspaper editor, Loring D. Beckwith. A native of Colorado, Beckwith moved in California in 1913 in association with the Atascadero Colony founded by Edward Gardner Lewis. Beckwith later founded and edited the Stockton Forum, which he used to discuss and promote the ideas of Henry George.

Ralph Borsodi, Mildred J. Loomis, and the School of Living, 1946-1986

Arranged in three series, this collection features material authored by and about School of Living founder Ralph Borsodi, School of Living Director Mildred J. Loomis, and miscellaneous material about the School of Living. Borsodi established the School of Living in 1933 as a practical demonstration of his theory of decentralized living, which he developed, in part, from the ideas of Henry George.


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