Happy Birthday Henry George

September 2, 2017 marks the 178th birthday of Henry George. Here is how some have honored him on past birthdays:

The life which came into the world in Philadelphia 100 years ago today, in a small house not far from the place where the Declaration of American Independence was signed, rendered a great service to humanity–a service which is destined to become greater and more far-reaching as time goes on.

~ Hon. Samuel Seabury, September 2, 1939

Henry George’s glory shall never die while mankind remembers its men of ideals and wisdom, while mankind strives and solves the problem–why with all great progress comes poverty. 

~ Harry Weinberger, September 2, 1943

America has given birth to many great men, from Revolutionary times to the present. One of these dynamic figures was Henry George …

~ California Governor George Deukmejian, September 2, 1989


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