Joseph Stockman to Professor Bye, March 15, 1960
Lu Cipolloni to “Gentleman,” March 30, 1960
Selim Tideman to Joseph Stockman, November 29, 1960
News and Views from the Birthplace of Henry George, July 1967
The H.G.S. Alumni Series #1 – 1986-7
Henry George School Philadelphia Extension Newsletter, 2003
Henry George Birthplace Brochure, undated
Dan Sullivan, Thomas Paine’s Social Security Proposal, undated

Press Coverage in The Philadelphia Inquirer:

Craig Stock, “A reformer’s message is their sacred trust” (September 2, 1983)
Larry Fish, “By George!” (May 8, 1988)
Michael E. Ruane, “Recognition that’s long overdue” (August 3, 1989)