Frederic C. Leubuscher

Dear Friend [of the Henry George School of Social Science], undated

George L. Rusby

[Also served as Treasurer of the Robert Schalkenbach Foundation and President of the Board of Trustees of the New Jersey extension]

Correspondence between George L. Rusby and Walter Fairchild, February 1938
Correspondence between George L. Rusby and Lancaster Greene, November 1942
George L. Rusby to Lawrence Purdy, April 16, 1944
George L. Rusby to Mr. Cohen, October 17, 1944
George L. Rusby to Teachers of the HGS Information Bureau, October 24, 1944
“Interest. A discussion of some of its contested points,” September 2, 1940
“Personal Service,” n.d.
“The Functions of Government,” n.d.
“The Single Tax. What it is not, and what it is,” n.d.

Anna George De Mille (President, 1934-1937)

John Dewey (Honorary President, 1938)

“Steps to Economic Recovery.” A Radio Address by John Dewy, April 28, 1933
Letter about John Dewey’s April 1933 Radio Address
“Great American Prophet,” Common Sense, April 1934
John Dewey to the Trustees of the Henry George School of Social Science, March 7, 1942
Articles on the death of John Dewey, May-June 1952
Herald-Tribune Obituary of John Dewey, June 2, 1952
John Dewey on Henry George, undated
An Appreciation of Henry George by John Dewey, undated
John Dewey’s Forward to Guide to Teaching the Principles of Political Economy, undated

Lancaster M. Greene (Member and President 1936-1947)

[Also served on the Board of the Robert Schlakenbach Foundation]

Mrs. Roswell Skeel, Jr. to Lancaster M. Greene, August 31, 1940
Sidney Mayers, “Portrait of Lancaster Greene,” Henry George News, 1974
Alan Ridley to Lancaster Greene, October 25, 1976

John C. Lincoln (President, 1948-1958)

Paul S. Nix, Jr. (Member, 1965-1978; President, 1978-1986)

Paul Nix Jr. to Editor of Presbyterian Life, May 8, 1964
Mrs. Braxton Drummond to Paul Nix, Jr., May 18, 1964
Ed Dodson to Paul Nix, Jr., December 23, 1982
“Letter to the Editor: Against Farm Referendum” The Summit Herald, October 17, 1963
“Letter to the Editor: Can Have it Both Ways” The Summit Herald, October 24, 1963
“Henry George and the Henry George School,” June 1978
“Letter to the Editor: If Building Improvements Were Tax-Free” New York Times, September, 6, 1980

Oscar B. Johannsen (President, 1996-1999)

[Also served as Executive Director of the Robert Schalkenbach Foundation]

“Spinoza: Precursor to George,” Henry George News, July 1959
Oscar Johannsen to Mike [Curtis], February 25, 1997
“Libertarianism and Georgism,” undated
“The Money Muddle,” undated
“Updated on Inflation and International Debt,” undated

Ed Dodson (President, 1986-1996)

Sidney Mayers (Member, 1980-1999; President, 1999-?)

“Economic Chain Reaction” Henry George News, June 1971
“Oscar B. Johannson: An Affectionate Biography” Henry George News, September 1973
“Jack Schwartzman: An Impromptu Biography” Henry George News, April 1974
“Honorary Land Deed,” April 15, 1992
“Site Prices Out of Sight” Henry George News, n.d.

Richard Barbuto (Member, 1980s)

Richard Barbuto to Frank (December 9, 1983)
“Dear HGS Graduates” (March 30, 1987)
Richard Barbuto to Morty Silverstein (May 26, 1987)
Jim Doughty, “Barbuto hopes to catch Fish” (July 6, 1990)
Richard Barbuto to Mark Sullivan and Lindy Davies (February 13, 1991)
Julia Bastian to Richard Barbuto (March 1991)
Richard Barbuto to Honorable John Major (June 26, 1991)
Balthasar to Richard Barbuto (July 15, 1991)
David Ramsden to Richard Barbuto (July 22, 1991)
Richard Barbuto to Julia Bastian (June 26, 1991)
“Neighbors for BARBUTO in Congress” (undated)