The Henry George School Portrait, Textile, and Artifact Collection


The Henry George School Portrait, Textile, and Artifact Collection, 1855-1908

Prominent Dates:



Arranged in four series by material type: I. Portraits of Henry George and his extended family; II. Textiles belonging to Henry George and his extended family; and, III. Miscellaneous artifacts belonging to Henry George and his extended family and/or related to the Single Tax movement.

Biographical Note:

The items in this collection currently reside at the Henry George School Archive, and Historical Research Center in New York. Most were donated by Henry George’s granddaughter, Agnes George DeMille in the 1950s. Others were acquired Henry George School staff and volunteers.

Series One: Portraits

Oil on canvas portrait of Henry George painted by Harry Thurston See, 1897

Staff Notes: Gift of the Robert Schalkenbach Foundation to the Henry George School of Social Science, May 26, 1936

Oil on canvas portrait of Anna George de Mille, date and artist unknown

Series Two: Textiles

Late-nineteenth century woman’s dress, likely worn by George’s wife, Annie Corsina Fox George

Late-nineteenth century hand-sewn doll clothes, likely made by Annie Corsina Fox George for her grandchildren

Series Three: Miscellaneous Artifacts

Sea moss brought home by Henry George from one of his overseas journeys, date unknown

Henry George’s sea chest, date unknown

Staff  Notes: On loan from the New York Public Library

Henry George’s Bible

Staff Notes: Inside cover inscription reads: “Henry George. St. Paul’s Church. Sunday School. April 1, 1855.” Donated by Richard George III

Henry George’s pen

Staff Notes: Pen used by Henry George in writing The Science of Political Economy. Presented by the George family to Charles O’Connor Hennessey; presented to John Paul (of England) by Mr. Hennessey; restored to George family after Mr. Paul’s death; presented by Dr. Henry George, III.

Henry George’s wallet

Staff Notes: Originally presented to John Paul (of England) by Mrs. Henry George, Jr and later donated by V.H. Blundell

Honorary emblems presented to Henry George, date unknown

Address of Welcome from the Land Nationalisation Society of Australia, 1890

Railway Passes from Mr. and Mrs. Henry George’s Trip Visit to Australia, 1890

Henry George’s Sidney Turf Club Press Pass, 1890

Henry George Campaign Buttons and Pins, 1897

Henry George Cigar Box, circa 1901-1908

National Single Tax Party Ribbons, circa 1920

Henry George Family Rosaries, unknown date

Staff Notes: These rosaries likely belonged to George’s wife, Annie Fox George who was Catholic.

Annie Fox George’s Prayer Cards, unknown dates

The Catholic Child’s Prayer Book, circa 1880s

Staff Notes: Inscription on inside cover reads: “Aunt Tessie’s remembrance of her little Nieces Birthday, December 2, 1884.”

Tom L. Johnson and Henry George Plaque, sculpted by Richard George, 1910

Front Side

Reverse Side

Staff Notes: Reverse side inscribed: “From loving friends of Tom L. Johnson to commemorate his public service in the truth proclaimed by Henry George. 1910.”

A lock of Henry George’s hair at age three, circa 1865

A lock of Anna Angela George’s hair, May 17, 1885

Household Book of Poetry

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