Series Five

Material from Other Anniversary Celebrations of Henry George and Progress and Poverty

Joseph Dana Miller, “Commemoration Ode” for Henry George’s Birthday (September 3, 1899)

Hamlin Garland, “Progress and Poverty Anniversary Dinner,” New York, January 24, 1905.

Notes and Extracts of the Fiftieth Anniversary Edition of Progress and Poverty by Henry George (New York Robert: Schalkenbach Foundation, 1929)

“Arden to Celebrate Henry George’s Birth,” The Wilmington Morning News (September 3, 1942)

“Town Hall Meeting Thursday to Mark Henry George Day,” The Chicago Tribune (August 31, 1943)

Harry Weinberger, “After the War, Jobs for All. An Address in Commemoration of 104th Birthday of Henry George.” September 2, 1943

Commemorating the One Hundred and Fifth Anniversary of the Birth of Henry George. September Second, Nineteen Forty-Four (San Francisco: Wallace Kibbee and Son [1944])

“Arden to Observe ‘Henry George Day,'” The Wilmington Morning News (September 2, 1948)

“Henry George Philosophy Praised at Arden Meeting,” The Wilmington Morning News (September 7, 1948)

“J.S. Single Tax Growth Outlined: Movement’s Progress Theme of Arden Exercises Marking Henry George Birthday,” The Wilmington Morning News (September 2, 1963)

Herbert Ilya Meyer, “An Open Letter to the Supreme Pontiff John Paul II…On the Hundredth and Second Anniversary of Progress and Poverty,” London, October 1981

Frank Nelson, Memo regarding Henry George Day (August 17, 1985)

Frank Nelson, “Henry George Day in Delaware” [1985]

Neil Thomas, “‘Henry George’ celebrations set.” The NewArk Post (August 25, 1985)

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