Series One

Correspondence and Written Material of League Officials

Open Letter from Bowers, Weaver and Schoyer, December 27, 1956

John C. Weaver (Vice-President)

“Can Pittsburgh Have a Quality Hill?” 1961
Letters to the Editor, December 1978
“The Pittsburgh Idea – Why not More of It?”

Steven Cord (Director, GTL Board Member)

Open Letters, 1966
Open Letters, undated
“How to Transform the Property Tax into a Graded Tax,” undated
“Taxing Land More than Buildings: The Record in Pennsylvania,” undated

Robert Bowers (Public Relations)

Letters to the Editor of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 1962

Graded Tax League Publications

An Extract from “Why the Land Not the Buildings,” 1962
“A Statement by the Graded Tax League of Pennsylvania,” undated
“A Practical Plan for Redirecting Taxes on Improved Real Estate,” undated
“The Old Fashioned – Rediscovered,” undated
“The Pittsburgh Graded Tax,” undated
Wylie Young, “Why Tax the Land and Not the Buildings,” undated