Series One

Correspondence and Publications of PREC President Noah Alper

A Proposal to the Mayor’s Advisory Finance Committee, November 6, 1952

Dear Friend, February 25, 1956

“A Man of Medicine and Economics,” News and Views, June 1959 (reprint)

“The “All American” Anti-Communist Missile,” March 1960

Letter to His Holiness, Pope John XXIII, February 13, 1961

“Antidote to Communism – On and Off the Campus,” November 1961

“Does the Cold War of Freedom vs. Communism Concern You?” November 1961

Excerpts of a KMCX – TV “Close Up” Segment, November 10, 1962

“The Sharing of Increased Productivity,” March 1963

“The American Tax Heritage and the Better Way,” October 1, 1966 [published]

“The American Tax Heritage and the Better Way,” October 1, 1966 [unpublished]

Dear Friend, June 5, 1965

Dear Friend, December 17, 1966

“On Soap Box Program” KPLR-TV, January 30, 1972

“The Foundation of Economic Freedom,” November 1978

Comments on Murray N. Rothbard’s, Power and Market: Government and the Economy [1982]


Note accompanying reproduction of Richard L. Strout, “Property Tax Tied to Blight”

Remarks to the Missouri State Tax Study Commission

Dear Friend

Dear Friend_2

Dear Friend_3

Dear Friend_4

“Economic Problems – Whose Responsibility?”

“Hope for Our Slum-Rotted Cities and Our Tax-Absurd Free Enterprise Economy”

(with William M. Hissey) “The Destroyer of Free Enterprise”

“Patrick Dove on Taxation”

Remarks to the Missouri State Tax Study Commission

“The Great American Free Enterprise Loophole”

“The Story of the Great American Tax Shift”

“The Way Ahead in Jamaica”

“Wrong-Source Public Revenue”

Letters to the Editors

“Viewpoint Economists,” St. Louis Globe-Democrat, January 22, 1956

“We are Suffering from Taxemia,” May 2, 1957

“Free Enterprisers Can “Plan” Us to Death,” St. Louis Globe-Democrat, March 12, 1958

Multiple letters to the Editor of the St. Louis Globe-Democrat, June-September 1958

“True Free Enterprise,” Christian Science Monitor, December 28, 1959

Multiple letters, June 1961

Multiple letters, April 1972

“The Jobs Issue,” St. Louis Post-Dispatch, June 16, 1972