Series Three

First IU Conference in Copenhagen, July 1926

W.R. Lester, “Natural Law in Social Life”

Fourth IU Conference Edinburgh, July 29-August 4, 1929

No. X – Henry George, “Is our Civilization Just to Working Men?”
No. 1 – F. Folke and K.J. Kristensen, “The Work for LVT and Free Trade in Denmark, 1926 to 1929”
No. 2 – Jakob E. Lange, “Danish Agrarian and Social Evolution…”
No. 3 – Sophus Berthelesen, “Social Democrats and the Henry George Policy”
No. 4 – E.J. Craigie, “LVT in Australia for Federal, State and Local Purposes”
No. 7 – P.J. O’Regan, “The Progress of the Henry George Movement in New Zealand”
No. 9 – J.L. Björner, “The Banner of Free Trade”
No. 14 – C.H. Nightingale, “Government Valuation of Land in New Zealand”
No. 15 – A. Daudé Bancel and Sam Meyer, “International Peace and Economic Peace”
No. 16 – Carl Marfels, “The Riddle of Modern Society”
No. 19 – A.W. Dakers, “Land Tenure and Taxation—History of English System”
No. 22 – Axel Fraenckel, “The Physiocrats and Henry George”
No. 23 – Engineer D. de Clercq., “The Reclamation of the Zuider Zee”
No. 25 – Charles H. Smithson, “The Beneficence of Natural Law”
No. 29 – Alex Paletta, “The Valuation and Taxation of Land in Germany”
No. 24 – F.G.H. Anderson, “Some Facts, Fallacies and Reflections…”
No. 31 – F.R. Jones, “International Trade, Tariffs and Land-Value Taxation”
No. 33 – Anders Vedel, “War and the Land Question”
No. 38 – Byron W. Holt, “Evils of Unstable Money”
No. 47 – Alan C. Thompson & Arthur W. Roebuck, “The Progress of Henry George Thought in Canada”

Fifth IU Conference in London, September 1-5, 1936

No. 3 – Bue Björner, “Reactions and Results of Trade Restrictions”
No. 6 – S. Vere Pearson, “Causes of Fear”
No. 9 – F.C.R. Douglas, “Official Testimony on Land Value Rating”
No. 10 – William N. McNair, “The Exemption of Improvements and LVT in Pittsburgh”
No. 13 – Abel Brink, “Ten Years of Land Value Taxation in Denmark”
No. 15 – Arthur R. McDougal, “Agriculture and the Economic Depression”
No. 18 – Councillor H. Kolthek, “State Interference in Industry”
No. 19 – W.R. Lester, “True Free Trade and Laissez-Faire”
No. 22 – A. Daudé-Bancel, “The Land Question in Russia”
No. 25 – Jakob E. Lange, “Henry George. America—Europe”
No. 26 – E.J. McManus, “Remedies for Raising Wages: True and False”

Seventh IU Conference in Swanwick, England, August 14-August 21, 1949

No. 17  – Viggo Starcke, “The History of Land-Taxation in Denmark”

Eighth IU Conference in Odense, Denmark, July 28-August 4, 1952

Ashley Mitchell, “International Trade (Without Statistics)”
No. 2 – Dan Björner, “The Henry George Movement in Denmark”

Tenth IU Conference in West Germany, July 25-August 1, 1959

J. Rupert Mason, “Irrigation and Land Values in California”
David B. Ascher,”The Building: Land-Ratio”
Glenn E. Hoover, “The First Step in Land-Value Taxation”

Eleventh IU Conference in New York, August 30-September 5, 1964

Rolland O’Regan, “Report from New Zealand”
Robert Tideman, “Land Tax Exemptions” and Philip Knab, “Report from Austria”

Thirteenth IU Conference in Isle of Man, September 8-15, 1973

Geoffrey W. Etsy, “The Vietnam War—An American Tragedy of Ignorance”
Joseph Zashin, “Land Reform and the Tax Map Plan”

Sixteenth IU Conference in Cambridge, UK, August 4-11, 1984

G.R.A. Dunkley, “Unemployed Marginal Labor and Man’s Right to Work”
Anne Haila, “Effects of Land Value Tax on Land Use”

Nineteenth IU Conference in London, March 21-27, 1991

Geoffrey Dunkley, “Land Tenure: A Time Bomb Ticking South Africa”