Series Three

First IU Conference in Copenhagen, July 1926

W.R. Lester, “Natural Law in Social Life”

Fourth IU Conference Edinburgh, July 29-August 4, 1929

No. X – Henry George, “Is our Civilization Just to Working Men?”
No. 1 – F. Folke and K.J. Kristensen, “The Work for LVT and Free Trade in Denmark, 1926 to 1929”
No. 2 – Jakob E. Lange, “Danish Agrarian and Social Evolution…”
No. 3 – Sophus Berthelesen, “Social Democrats and the Henry George Policy”
No. 4 – E.J. Craigie, “LVT in Australia for Federal, State and Local Purposes”
No. 7 – P.J. O’Regan, “The Progress of the Henry George Movement in New Zealand”
No. 9 – J.L. Björner, “The Banner of Free Trade”
No. 12 – K.J. Kristensen, “Land Valuation in Denmark”
No. 14 – C.H. Nightingale, “Government Valuation of Land in New Zealand”
No. 15 – A. Daudé Bancel and Sam Meyer, “International Peace and Economic Peace”
No. 16 – Carl Marfels, “The Riddle of Modern Society”
No. 19 – A.W. Dakers, “Land Tenure and Taxation—History of English System”
No. 22 – Axel Fraenckel, “The Physiocrats and Henry George”
No. 23 – Engineer D. de Clercq., “The Reclamation of the Zuider Zee”
No. 25 – Charles H. Smithson, “The Beneficence of Natural Law”
No. 29 – Alex Paletta, “The Valuation and Taxation of Land in Germany”
No. 24 – F.G.H. Anderson, “Some Facts, Fallacies and Reflections…”
No. 31 – F.R. Jones, “International Trade, Tariffs and Land-Value Taxation”
No. 33 – Anders Vedel, “War and the Land Question”
No. 38 – Byron W. Holt, “Evils of Unstable Money”
No. 47 – Alan C. Thompson & Arthur W. Roebuck, “The Progress of Henry George Thought in Canada”

Fifth IU Conference in London, September 1-5, 1936

No. 3 – Bue Björner, “Reactions and Results of Trade Restrictions”
No. 6 – S. Vere Pearson, “Causes of Fear”
No. 8 – K.J. Kristensen, “Land Valuation in Denmark”
No. 9 – F.C.R. Douglas, “Official Testimony on Land Value Rating”
No. 10 – William N. McNair, “The Exemption of Improvements and LVT in Pittsburgh”
No. 13 – Abel Brink, “Ten Years of Land Value Taxation in Denmark”
No. 15 – Arthur R. McDougal, “Agriculture and the Economic Depression”
No. 18 – Councillor H. Kolthek, “State Interference in Industry”
No. 19 – W.R. Lester, “True Free Trade and Laissez-Faire”
No. 21 – Pastor Chr. Norlev, “Problems of Population”
No. 22 – A. Daudé-Bancel, “The Land Question in Russia”
No. 25 – Jakob E. Lange, “Henry George. America—Europe”
No. 26 – E.J. McManus, “Remedies for Raising Wages: True and False”

Seventh IU Conference in Swanwick, England, August 14-August 21, 1949

No. 4 – K.J. Kristensen, “Land-Value Taxation in Denmark”
No. 17  – Viggo Starcke, “The History of Land-Taxation in Denmark”

Eighth IU Conference in Odense, Denmark, July 28-August 4, 1952

Ashley Mitchell, “International Trade (Without Statistics)”
No. 2 – Dan Björner, “The Henry George Movement in Denmark”

Tenth IU Conference in West Germany, July 25-August 1, 1959

J. Rupert Mason, “Irrigation and Land Values in California”
David B. Ascher,”The Building: Land-Ratio”
Glenn E. Hoover, “The First Step in Land-Value Taxation”

Eleventh IU Conference in New York, August 30-September 5, 1964

Rolland O’Regan, “Report from New Zealand”
Robert Tideman, “Land Tax Exemptions” and Philip Knab, “Report from Austria”
J.H. Kristensen, “The Georgist Situation in Denmark”

Thirteenth IU Conference in Isle of Man, September 8-15, 1973

Geoffrey W. Etsy, “The Vietnam War—An American Tragedy of Ignorance”
Joseph Zashin, “Land Reform and the Tax Map Plan”

Sixteenth IU Conference in Cambridge, UK, August 4-11, 1984

G.R.A. Dunkley, “Unemployed Marginal Labor and Man’s Right to Work”
Anne Haila, “Effects of Land Value Tax on Land Use”

Nineteenth IU Conference in London, March 21-27, 1991

Geoffrey Dunkley, “Land Tenure: A Time Bomb Ticking South Africa”