Series Three

Other Publications About or By the ISTA and its Members

Letter from D. Michael Stewart, et. al. to Utah Governor Norman H. Bangerter (October 16, 1985)
Richard C. Gimmi, “A conversation between two loyal Republicans about the Land Value Taxation Resolution,” (January 25, 1986)
ISTA Memo to Georgists Leaders and Organizations (February 4, 1986)
Intermountain Single Tax Association News Release (March 14, 1986)
“Report of Second Annual Meeting of the Intermountain Single Tax Association at Cedar City, Utah” (September 6, 1986)
Don Pinson, “Fellow Georgists” (October 21, 1987)
Stan Sapiro to Don Pinson (January 8, 1988)
Intermountain Frontier No. 12 (April-June 1988)
Intermountain Frontier No. 14 (Fall-Winter 1988-89)


“Keep these S.L. meetings open to the press, public” The Deseret News (August 17, 1981)
“Cedar urges state tax amendment” The Daily Spectrum (September 10, 1981)
“How the downtown area should keep growing” The Deseret News (October 8-10, 1981)
“Merger of Utah, Colorado tax reform groups proposed” The Daily Spectrum (February 5, 1985)
“Growing threat of communism in third world topic at luncheon” The Daily Spectrum (September 7, 1986)
“Group meets to discuss philosophies of economist” The Iron County Review (September 11, 1986)
“Prof pushes plan to increase land-tax rates, spur growth” The Sunday Gazette (October 12, 1986)
“Hansen, McKay face off” The Iron County Review (October 23, 1986)
“Tax conference held” The Daily Spectrum (August 16, 1989)
“Cook Proposes ‘Split Tax’ to Boost Development” The Salt Lake Tribune (October 18, 19XX)
Betsy Lumbye, “Newly formed group favors ‘incentive tax.” Colorado Springs Sun (undated)

Don Pinson’s Campaigns for County Assessor

1986 Campaign Brochure
“Assessor for the ‘90s”
“There they go!” (1990)
“Don Pinson will try it again” Groundswell (July-August 1990)