Series Three

By-Laws, Reports, Studies, Newsletters, and Promotional Material

By Laws of the Henry George School Adopted 1933

Annual Reports


Monthly Reports

Alanna Hartzok Monthly Report, March 1987
Alanna Hartzok Monthly Report, May 1987


The Henry George News
The Henry George Newsletter – High School Edition
The Henry George School Newsletter of Northern California
Henry George Fellowship News
Sages Pages
Alumni Pages
Peter Pataskos’ Speakers Bureau Newsletter, October 1964
Peter Pataskos’ Speakers Bureau Newsletter, May 1965
Henry George School Briefs #1 – Trade Wars
Henry George School Briefs #2 – The Constitution and Liberty
Henry George School Briefs #3 – Affordable Housing
Henry George School Briefs – The Miracle of Trade

Promotional Material

School Brochures

Henry George School Brochure, 1942
Henry George School Brochure with Monthly Calendar, 1946
Henry George School Brochure and Catalog 1965-6
The Progress of Ideas, 1991
Mike Curtis and Lindy Davies, “Economics: The (Not Necessarily!) Dismal Science,” 1993
Henry George School Brochure, 2002
Who Was Henry George, undated
Education for a Postwar World, undated
Humanity as it is Today, n.d.
Dorothy and Dick Are Curious about the Henry George School, undated
El IVT: La Alternativa Mas Viable, undated
Education for a New Era, n.d. [circa 1943]
Know Your Taxes! n.d. [circa 1945]
The Pioneer, n.d. [circa 1945]
What Prominent Thinkers Say, undated

Course Announcements

O.B. Johannsen, “Henry George School of Social Science Course Descriptions and Schedule,” 1969
Fundamental Economics Course for Ministers Announcement, n.d.


William Munro, “High Taxes and Unemployment in this City,” 1936
Invitation to the Dedication of the Henry George Memorial Tree, October 26, 1946
Max Hirsch, Socialism versus the State. With an introduction by Francis Neilson, 1939.
Daniel Broyles, “Let George Do It! A Play in One Act,” 1987
Henry George School of Social Science Bookmark
Ethical Land Tenure Interreligous Resource Directory, undated
Israel and Henry George: Invitation to the Monthly Alumni Meeting, undated
“120 Taxes on our Easter Bonnet,” undated
“Lieber Freund,” undated
La Reforma Agraria en America, undated
A Cada Cual Lo Suyo, undated
El Impuesto Sobre El Valor de la Tierra (IVT), undated

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