Newsletters and Brochures

On the Campus (1942-1946)
The Illinois Georgist (1997, 2000-2004)
The Henry George School of Social Science (March 2000)

John L. Monroe, (Director 1934-1968):

Report on the Foundations Contacted by John L. Monroe, October-November 1939
John L. Monroe, “Dear Friend,” May 27, 1949
“John Lawrence Monroe, August 31, 1908-January 23, 1988”
Celebration of the Life of John L. Monroe, February 1988
John L. Monroe, “As Easy as That,” undated

Sam Venturella, (Director, 1979-1990s):

“A Study in Voluntary Organization: Henry George School of Social Science,” 1953
Sam Venturella to Senator Henry M. Jackson, November 18, 1974
“Address to the Henry George Club,” June 1, 1979
Religion and the Tolerant State,” Chicago Tribune, January 2, 1982
Sam Venturella to Senator Dawn Clark Netsch, March 9, 1983
William Peirce to Sam Venturella, May 6, 1983
Sam Venturella to President Ronald Regan, August 17, 1982
Sam Venturella to Representative Michael G. Kirby, January 26, 1983
Sam Venturella to Rosalind Paaswell, November 16, 1983
Sam Venturella to Fred Harrison, April 26, 1984
“Hynes Proposal Refuted,” Crain’s Business, May 21, 1984
Sam Venturella to Mark Sullivan (December 23, 1986)
Sam Venturella to Editor of Chicago Tribune (April 17, 1987)
Memo on the Passing of Henry Tideman, July 24, 1987
Sam Venturella to Isaac Asimov, May 3, 1988
“Buy George,” National Review, August 19, 1988
“Clergy Association Sponsors Forum…” Good News Weekly (Oct 26, 1988)
Sam Venturella to CGO Members, November 1988
Sam Venturella to Doug Whitley, November 23, 1988
Pat Butler, “Let George Tax It Municipal Maverick Says,” March 7-8, 1989
James P. Nix to Sam Venturella, July 13, 1989
“Become Your Own Economist” Schedule of Classes (Jan-Mar 1990)
“God Help the Poor, God Help Us,” February 1990
Sam Venturella to Henry Fogel, et. al. June 7, 1990
“A Study Guide to Fred Harrison, The Power in the Land” (April 1991)
“Housing Crisis is Real, Getting Worse,” News-Star, October 29-30, 1991
Alf Siewers, “By George…” Chicago Sun Times (January 12, 1992)
Pia Francesca De Silva to Sam and Dorothy Venturella, December 2, 1992
“Bashing the Poor,” undated
Housing Crisis, A Personal View, undated

Chuck Metalitz (Director, 2000s)

Chuck Metalitz to Vesa Nelson, June 30, 2000