Series One

Material from the Centenary Celebration of Henry George’s Birth, September 2, 1939

William Lloyd Garrison, “Henry George Centenary, 1839-1939”

Theodore A. Sumberg, “Prophet of a World Without Poverty,” 1939

The New Abolition. Vol. 1: The Henry George Centenary (September 1939)

Harold S. Buttenheim, “Henry George: Soothsayer or Seer?” Reprinted from Survey Graphic (September 1939)

Mike Gold, “Change the World: A Tribute to the Memory of Henry George and Father McGlynn” Daily Worker, September 12, 1939

Samuel Seabury, “An Address Delivered Upon the 100th Anniversary of the Birth of Henry George,” September 2, 1939

Papers presented at the International Conference Celebrating the Henry George Centenary held at the Hotel Commodore, New York City, August 30-September 2, 1939:

Bue Bjorner, “Presidential Address The Future is Ours!”

Ernest J. Farmer, “Effects of Land Value Policies in Canada”

                F.C.R. Douglas, “Karl Marx’s Theories of Surplus Value and Land Rent”

J. Rupert Mason, “Tax Delinquency in the United States”

               Sam Meyer and A. Daude-Bancel, “France A Political and Economic Survey”

Alexander Hamilton, “British Columbia The Work of a Pioneer”

E.J. Craigie “The Taxing and Rating of Land Values in Australia”

Jakob E. Lange, “A Letter from Henry George”

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