Series Five

Photographs, prints, and illustrations of Henry George and the Anna George De Mille Families

Henry George

Henry George, circa 1844
Henry George circa 1852
Henry George, 1855
Henry George, circa 1857
Henry George, circa 1865
Henry George circa 1879
Henry George, 1883
Henry George circa 1884
Henry George, 1886
Henry George and his wife [back row] in England, 1889
Henry George, 1897
Henry George [from the oil portrait by Harry Thurston See], 1897
Henry George, signed, date unknown
Henry George, 1890
Henry George date unknown [circa 1890]
Henry George date unknown [circa 1890]-2

Annie Corsina Fox George

Annie Corsina Fox, circa 1860
Letter from Agnes De Mille Prude about the photograph
Annie Corsina Fox George with Henry George Jr., circa 1862-1863
Annie Corsina Fox George, circa 1880-1885
Annie Corsina Fox George, date unknown
Annie George with Richard (left) and Henry George Jr. (right), date unknown
Annie Corsina Fox George, 1898
Annie Corsina Fox George, date unknown [circa 1890s]

Henry George, Jr.

Henry George Jr., date unknown [circa 1867]
Henry George Jr., 1870
Henry George Jr., date unknown [circa 1880]
Henry George Jr., 1899
Signed dedication by Henry George Jr. to his wife
Henry George Jr., 1906
Henry George Jr., 1909
Henry George Jr. with Leo Tolstoy, 1909
Henry George Jr., 1912
Henry George Jr., date unknown

Richard [Dick] George

Richard George, date unknown [circa 1865]
Richard George, 1870
Richard George, date unknown

Jennie Theresa George

Jennie George, date unknown [circa 1865]
Jennie George, 1878
Jennie George Atkinson with her son Henry George Atkinson, date unknown [circa 1897]

Anna Angela George De Mille

Anna George, 1892
Anna George, date unknown
Anna George with dog Thoe. date unknown
Anna George (far left) with Caroline George, Tom George, and Henry George Jr., date unknown

Henry George with his Children and Grandchildren

Henry George with Anna (left) and Jennie (right), 1886
Henry George (center) with children in front of home in Fort Hamilton, NY, circa 1880s
Henry George with Anna Angela George in Ireland, 1889
Henry George with Anna and Henry George, Jr. [circa 1897]
Henry George with Jennie Theresa George, date unknown
Henry George with May and Ruth (daughters of Richard George), date unknown

Other Family Members

John Vallance [Henry George’s maternal grandfather], date unknown
Margaret [Pratt] Vallance [Henry George’s maternal grandmother], date unknown
Catherine Vallance and Richard Samuel George [Henry George’s mother and father], date unknown
Caroline George [Henry George’s oldest sister], date unknown
Henry George III [Henry George Jr.’s son], undated
Henry George III in his studio, undated

2 thoughts on “Series Five

  1. Thank you for these fine pictures. I am very interested in Henry Georges thoughts. In Denmark I am member of the Danish political party, Retsforbundet, that has based its economical stand on Henry Georges ideas. We try to spread his ideas of single tax as much as we can.
    Sincerely yours.
    Ole Petersen.

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