Birthplace Researcher Interviewed

Birthplace Senior Researcher Ed Dodson recently gave two insightful interviews about land value taxation and the causes of the 2008 financial collapse.  In August 2015, Natural Awakenings reporter Michelle Vacanti interviewed Dodson for the magazine’s Public Policy Spotlight.  Among the questions Vacanti asked Dodson included why citizens should care about land value taxation (LVT).  Here was Dodson’s response:

“As citizens, it’s important that we understand that all taxes are not equal. LVT is recognized by many economists, planners and environmentalists as a powerful tool for slowing the development pressure on the open space and agricultural land that still surrounds our cities. According to a report issued in 2000 by the Institute of Government & Public Affairs, University of Illinois, “At first glance, there would appear to be no obvious link between property taxation and sprawl. However, the connection becomes clear when the lessons of the long-standing debate on land taxation and its virtues are recalled.”

The full published interview can be found on the Natural Awakenings – South Jersey Edition website or by going to:

In September 2015, Callum Newman, the financial editor of Daily Reckoning Australia, interviewed Dodson via podcast.  The Daily Reckoning is a a financial investment newsletter that features interviews with analysts and researchers around the globe.  The title of the podcast is “Recipe for Disaster: Inside the US Subprime with Ed Dodson” and can be found here:

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