Series Two

The Correspondence and Writings of ISTA Secretary Earl A. Hanson

Letter to Party Members and Delegates (July 29, 1978)
Letter to Governor Scott M. Matheson (October 4, 1979)
Letter to Stan Rubenstein (February 9, 1985)
News Release (July 20, 1985)
Letter to Merril A. Cook (October 19, 1985)
Letter to James L. Busey (October 21, 1985)
Letter to Mason Gaffney (March 15, 1986)
“Tax Reform – Federal and Local” (June 4, 1986)
Letter to Robert Clancy (August 4, 1986)
Letter to Robert Clancy (September 12, 1986)
Letter to James L. Busey (October 27, 1986)
Letter to Bob [Clancy] (November 11, 1986)
Letter to Debbie O. Bell (June 2, 1987)
Letter to Congressman James V. Hansen (June 12, 1987)
Letter to James L. Busey (September 5, 1987)
Attachment to Busey Letter
Letter to President of the Mobil Corporation (November 14, 1987)
Arthur B. Laffer to Earl Hanson (October 10, 1988)
Letter to Arthur B. Laffer (October 17, 1988)
Governor Norman Bangerter to Earl Hanson (November 9, 1988)
Letter to Jack and Robbin of the MacNeil/Lehrer Newshour (January 3, 1990)
Letter to FOCUS Staff (March 13, 1990)
Letter to Lt. Governor W. Val Oveson (September 27, 1990)

Letters to the Editor and Other Press

“Dear Editor.” The Iron County Record (March 1, 1979)
“Tax reform misdirected.” The Deseret News (April 5, 1979)
“Tax rebate not wise.” The Deseret News (September 6, 1979)
“Push Tax Reform.” The Salt Lake Tribune (October 4, 1979)
“Land redevelopment: a 2nd-choice solution.” The Deseret News (August 28, 1981)
“Financing method faulted in S.L. redevelopment.” The Deseret News (October 21-22, 1981)
“Tax Break.” The Salt Lake Tribune (December 7, 1983)
“How to raise Utah school funds?” The Deseret News (December 12-13, 1983)
“Tax reform.” The Daily Spectrum (December 14, 1983)
“Wants 2-level property tax.” The Deseret News (February 6, 1985)
Letter to the Editor of The Deseret News (October 21, 1985)
Letter to the Editor of The Salt Lake Tribune (February 18, 1986)
Letter to the Editor of the Iron County Review (June 19, 1986)
“ISTA brings attention to property tax problem.” The Daily Spectrum (September 11, 1986)
“Split-Level Tax.” The Salt Lake Tribune (September 25, 1986)
“New tax bill helps.” The Daily Spectrum (October 22, 1986)
Letter to the Editor of the Iron County Review (May 14, 1987)
“Disincentive.” The Iron County Review (June 11, 1987)
“Problems with ‘yes’ & ‘no.'” The Iron County Review (July 2, 1987)
“Remove signature from petition.” The Deseret News (November 10, 1987)
Letter to the Editor of The Salt Lake Tribune (December 8, 1987)
“4 Steps to Make Utah Thrive.” The Salt Lake Tribune (July 31, 1988)
“Not Sure About Governor’s Plan.” Southern Utah News (October 5, 1988)
“Two-Rate Tax.” The Salt Lake Tribune (July 5, 1989)
“Utah needs incentive taxation.” The Deseret News (December 28, 1989)
“Utah property taxation needs reform.” The Deseret News (September 27-28, 1990)
Anne Augustine, “Dixie hosts economic hearing,” The Daily Spectrum (September 30, 1990)
“Tax reforms.” The Daily Spectrum (October 5, 1990)
“Why not try 2-rate property tax?” The Deseret News (December 24, 1990)
“Two Cedar residents named to new group,” The Daily Spectrum (January 5, 1991)
“Redevelopment draws fire from a Utah legislator,” The Daily Spectrum (January 8, 1991)
Mike Gorrell, “House Panel Tables Bill,” The Salt Lake Tribune (January 27, 1991)
“A new tool.” The Daily Spectrum (January 18, 1991)
“Tax changes.” The Daily Spectrum (February 5, 1991)
“Revamp property-tax system.” The Deseret News (September 28, 1991)
Letter to the Editor of the Wall Street Journal (November 6, 1991)
“Against Lottery.” The Salt Lake Tribune (January 23, 1992)
“Two-rate land tax needs a looking at.” The Daily Spectrum (June 10, 1992)
Hanson’s Comment on “Trim deficit with a value-added tax,” The Desert News (June 20, 1992)
“State Constitution needs amending.” The Daily Spectrum (June 26, 1992)
“Property-tax reform essential.” The Deseret News (June 29, 1992)
“Restaurant tax leaves bad taste.” The Daily Spectrum (July 2, 1992)
“Elevate campaign to level of debate.” The Daily Spectrum (September 12, 1992)

Material Related to the Utah Property Tax Refund Program and Lawsuit 

Loraine Juvelin, “Who’s to Blame?” Color County Spectrum (August 19, 1979)
Linn C. Baker, “Treasurer Explains Rebate Challenge,” The Salt Lake Tribune (September 30, 1979)
Dave Jonsson, “Judge Axes Tax Refund,” The Salt Lake Tribune (October 2, 1979)
Jonsson, Utah Treasurer to File Suit, undated