Photographs of Henry George and the Anna George De Mille Family Added

Series Five of the Henry George and Anna George De Mille Family collection is now complete.  Photographs, prints, and illustrations of Henry George and his family can be found here.  Among the highlights of this series include daguerreotypes of Henry George as a young boy, photographs of his children, wife, and grandchildren.

Henry George through the years:

Henry George, circa 1844    Daguerreotype of Henry George circa 1852   Daguerreotype of Henry George circa 1857   Daguerreotype of Henry George circa 1865Daguerreotype of Henry George circa 1884   Henry George, 1886   Daguerreotype of Henry George date unknown [circa 1890]-2   Daguerreotype of Henry George, 1897

Henry George’s four children:

Henry George, Jr.

Henry George Jr., date unknown [circa 1867]   Henry George Jr., 1870   Henry George Jr., date unknown [circa 1880]   Henry George Jr., 1899

Richard Fox George

Richard George, date unknown [circa 1865]   Richard George, 1870   Richard George, date unknown

Jennie Theresa George

Jennie George, date unknown [circa 1865]   Jennie George, 1878   Jennie George Atkinson with her son Henry George Atkinson, date unknown [circa 1897]

Anna Angela George

Anna George, 1892   Anna George, date unknown   Anna George with dog Thoe. date unknown